Easily reimburse your employees’ private power costs

Enable employees to charge the company car on the charging station at home.

eMobility can be so easy

More and more companies are providing their employees with electric cars as company vehicles. The billing of private electricity costs, however, has often been associated with a great deal of effort – from collecting receipts to tax-correct representation in accounting. With eFleet.PAYBACK, these problems are a thing of the past. We enable companies to have a quick and clear reimbursement of the private electricity costs of their employees.

Company car billing is so easy with eFleet.PAYBACK

Charge at home

Your employee charges their company vehicle at home on their private charging station.

Data Transmission

The charging station automatically sends all that month’s charging operations to has·to·be.


has·to·be provides the company with an invoice that is sorted by employee.

Employee Credit Note

has·to·be reimburses each employee for the cost of charging the company car.

eFleet.PAYBACK does this for you

Unlimited number of billable company vehicles.

The ideal solution for any size of company.

Monthly collective billing for companies

has·to·be provides the company with an invoice for all charging operations broken down by employee.

Provide an App for your employees

To keep an eye on costs and billing.

Monthly reimbursement to employees

has·to·be pays each employee the power costs for charging at home.

How you and your employees benefit from eFleet.PAYBACK


Monthly Collective Invoice

With all chargings and costs per employee.

Secure and Certified Service

On which you can rely 100 percent.

Transparent reimbursement process

Easy to handle for employees and companies.

Reduced effort

Save HR and administration effort.


Employee Satisfaction

Position yourself as an attractive employer.


As a company, you carry the electricity costs for employees charging at home.

Service App

With realtime overview of the charging station.

Monthly reimbursement of the electricity charged at home

No hassle with billing for your employees.

Additional Electromobility services from has·to·be


Provide perfect customer service at your charging stations. Our hotline operates on behalf of your company.


Your charging stations in the best hands: we ensure the optimal operation of your charging infrastructure.


You offer your customers clean electricity and we take care of the processing of CO2 certificates.

Your goals are our challenge

With our invisible services, we make you a leader in the field of electric mobility.

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