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Would you like to operate eCharging stations, equip your fleet with eCars or expand your business areas with eMobility offers? Then has·to·be is clearly your partner to venture into this new era of technology.

eMobility solutions for your business

The Leading Cloud Platform for eMobility

The software platform be.ENERGISED is a sophisticated, cloud-based system offering functions for all use cases in eMobility and matches the needs of CPOs (charge point operators) and eMSPs (eMobility service providers) perfectly. be.ENERGISED does not require compromises!

Elektromobilität Ladepunktmanagement


managed charging points worldwide

Ladestationen Elektromobilität


compatible charging station types

Elektromobilität Roamingnetzwerk


roaming charging points in Europe

Elektromobilität weltweit vernetzt



Get more insights on how to successfully operate as a provider for the charging infrastructure supply, which enables your company both to enter directly into a value-added chain through eMobility offers and to succeed permanently in this competitive market. We summarized all the information on this topic in a comprehensible way in a free whitepaper.

Scope of Services

It is crucial to rely on a platform that can reflect every market development, ensures a flexible adaptation to future developments, and grows in line with future requirements. These are some main scopes of our highly scalable platform be.ENERGISED for professional and international operators:

  • Charging station management via remote maintenance
  • Provision of information on the status of your charging stations in real time
  • Tariff management – select the desired charging tariff and determine who charges cost-free and who does no
  • Retrieval of relevant data in real time (charge logs, charging volume, charging time…)
  • Access management for charging stations with charging cards & app for charging customers
  • Integrated roaming services and mobile direct payment

A partner you can rely on

has·to·be provides additional white label services to support our customers in daily business: hotline, apps, billing, support, etc. With more than 80 employees and Volkswagen as a strategic partner, we strive to help our clients shape and expand their eMobility services successfully.

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