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Milestone: Access to More Than 100,000 Roaming Charging Points Across Europe

Radstadt, [13.01.2020] – “100,000” has always been an important milestone within the automotive industry: be it as a mileage marker during vehicle endurance tests or as a number of units built within a vehicle series.

Thus, 100,000 is also a milestone in the field of electromobility, as a comprehensive charging infrastructure is one of the decisive factors for the breakthrough of the technology as a whole. has·to·be gmbh has reached this milestone and now offers its B2B customers access to more than 100,000 charging points throughout Europe.

Network of charging points grows steadily

From the carefree operation of eCharging stations to the end-to-end management of worldwide mobility solutions – has·to·be covers the entire eMobility product chain. Of course, this also entails the seamless integration of widespread roaming platforms. With eMSP.OPERATION, has·to·be enables its customers to charge e-vehicles throughout Europe using a single charging card registered to the aforementioned customer’s name. No individual roaming contracts or costly billing processes involving separate charging station operators are required.

Instead of burdening employees and the accounting department with countless individual invoices, as well as the legal department with the conclusion of numerous roaming contracts, has·to·be customers benefit from transparent collective invoices, favourable tariffs, and standardised processes – all this within a constantly expanding network of charging points throughout Europe.

eMSP.OPERATION, just like the new Corporate.CHARGING service, is one of the smart software solutions specifically tailored to the needs of B2B customers, which the Austrian one-stop solution provider combines with innovative services.

About has·to·be gmbh

has·to·be paves the way for sustainable mobility. With its comprehensive operating system and innovative services, has·to·be provides everything companies require to enjoy success in the field of eMobility: from the carefree operation of eCharging stations to the end-to-end management of worldwide mobility solutions.

More than 100 employees from ten nations work at the headquarters of has·to·be gmbh in the federal province of Salzburg and in its offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, and Vienna. Since 2019, the Volkswagen Group has been a strong strategic partner of has·to·be.

Every year, has·to·be hosts the be.connected conference bringing together entrepreneurs, representatives, and innovators from the industry to exchange ideas and establish networks.


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