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Kick-off for 20,000-kilometer marathon drive with the VW ID.3

Germany's charging infrastructure put to the test – has·to·be gmbh supports long-distance test drive over 65 days from Oberstdorf to Sylt.

Oberstdorf/Radstadt (AT). 28 September 2020: Today, the starting signal was given for the unique marathon drive across Germany. Mannheim’s long-distance record holder Rainer Zietlow and his co-driver Dominic Brüner will show that eMobility is well established in Germany. For two months, they will cover more than 20,000 kilometers in an electric VW ID.3 on their way from Oberstdorf to List on Sylt, putting the charging infrastructure and the car to the test. The focus is on the availability and accessibility of charge points and the charging experience of eCar drivers in Germany. With this initiative, they are raising funds for the SOS Children's Village in Bernburg/Saale.

  • As of today, record-breaking driver Rainer Zietlow and co-driver Dominic Brüner will be on the road for 65 days.
  • Approximately 650 charging stations with more than 60 kW charging power will be used.
  • More than 30,000 public charge points currently exist in Germany, 12,000, (slightly more than one in three) is a charge point connected via the be.ENERGISED cloud platform from has·to·be gmbh.

Rainer Zietlow is known in the scene as a long-distance specialist: he holds three world record titles and seven long-distance records, and has traveled to 130 countries by car. Now he is taking the next step with the big players in the eMobility industry. His marathon journey of around 20,000 kilometers will take him all over Germany, powered almost exclusively with environmentally friendly natural electricity. The essential factors for the success of this tour in Germany include unlimited access to a nationwide, high-performance charging infrastructure, uncomplicated handling of charge logs, and, of course, a long-range eCar.

Mission accomplished: Germany is ready for eMobility

Since 2008, has·to·be's CEO, Martin Klässner, has been driving the innovations and developments of eMobility. Always with the explicit mission to transform Germany and Europe into an electricified and easily accessible place for eMobility. The key factor for success is the charging infrastructure. The result of over ten years of expertise and knowledge is the leading cloud software be.ENERGISED from has·to·be gmbh, which meets all the requirements for managing charging stations and eMobility services. From access management to the automated billing of each charging process, currently over 12,000 be.ENERGISED charge points to 30,000 public charge points in Germany – and more than 30,000 be.ENERGISED charge points throughout Europe. In short, Germany is ready for eMobility and today has a nationwide charging infrastructure, in the development and expansion of which Martin Klässner and his team from has·to·be gmbh played a major role. Thanks to them, Zietlow can charge at almost all of these 650 charging stations during the marathon drive with Volkswagen’s “We Charge" charging service. All of this, is possible because operating systems such as the be.ENERGISED cloud platform from has·to·be gmbh enables the efficient management of charging stations and scalable eMobility with white label services. More about the eMobility cloud platform:

Access to all charge points in Germany with eMSP.OPERATION

Access to all charge points available in Germany is made possible with has·to·be’s roaming network – the largest in Europe. With eMSP.OPERATION, has·to·be gmbh enables its customers to access the roaming charging network with more than 175,000 charge points throughout Europe with just one charging card, for example, the “We Charge" charging card from Volkswagen, and without any individual roaming contracts or costly billing with individual charging station operators. has·to·be customers benefit from transparent collective bills, favorable tariffs, and standardised processes. And all this with a network of charge points that are constantly growing throughout Europe.

“Today, we no longer have to ask ourselves if eMobility has reached the mainstream in Germany, but now we can concentrate on the further expansion of the European charging infrastructure and cross-border networking. We want to guarentee climate-neutral eMobility across borders in the future, and we are working on this every day. We are very pleased to support Rainer Zietlow in this project and to demonstrate that we have reached a major milestone in our mission to electrify Europe," explains Martin Klässner, CEO of has·to·be gmbh.

Further information on the ID.3 Germany tour

The team starts on 28 September at 15:00 hrs at the southernmost hotel in Germany near Oberstdorf and ends after 65 days at the northernmost car park in Germany, west of List on Sylt. A stop at the SOS Children's Village in Bernburg/Saale, whose housing project Zietlow is supporting with part of his advertising revenue, is also scheduled. On Zietlow and his team will report daily on their experiences.

The marathon drive partners include: ADS-TEC Energy, Alpitronic, CAR-connect, E.ON Drive, has-to-be gmbh, Infineon Technologies, Intercity Hotel, MOON, Steige

Caption: Rainer Zietlow and Dominic Brüner at the start of the marathon near Oberstdorf.

Photo credits: Challenge4

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