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360 Support for e-chargin stations


All-inclusive carefree package for your charging station

Activate the service package and enjoy an even easier operation of your infrastructure: including a customer hotline
and remote troubleshooting How it works >

24/7 hotline for your costumers

Non-stop operation
for your charging station

With 360.SUPPORT from has·to·be, the operation of your charging station is now even easier. Once activated, our service team immediately takes over the monitoring and diagnosis, detects errors automatically and provides you with a full 24/7 customer hotline. In short: Your charging station works while you concentrate on the most important: your success!

This is included:

Hotline, troubleshooting and monitoring included

24/7 support hotline

Your customer has a question or problem at the charging station? Our hotline will assist him
quickly and reliably, day and night.

24/7 charging station monitoring

Your charging station is permanently monitored by our team to ensure it is
fully operational around the clock.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting

Our support team supervises the status of your charging infrastructure, detects eventual errors and
ensures uninterrupted availability.


How to activate 360.SUPPORT

In the backend you can activate the service at each charging station.

Where can the loading customer find the telephone number of the hotline if necessary?

We send you a sticker which you can attach to the charging station by yourself.

For which countries is the hotline available?

The hotline is available 24/7 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in German and English.

What are the steps to take after activation?

Attach the sticker you received from us on the charging station.

What are the requirements for 360.SUPPORT?

The station must be registered in the has·to·be backend and clearly marked with an EVSE-ID.

What happens if a problem cannot be solved via remote?

If the problem cannot be solved by the hotline, the problem will be forwarded to the technical support of has·to·be.

Can the 360.SUPPORT be deactivated at any time?

Yes – the service can be deactivated at any time in the backend.

How do I pay for the service?

The service will be charged monthly with the has·to·be bill.

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