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be.ENERGISED EV Charging for utilities

Ensure long-term customer ownership

Accelerate Time-to-Profit with Future-Proof EV Charging Solutions for Energy Suppliers

EV Charging solutions that meet the full range of customer needs, including charging at work, at home and on the road – as well as Load Management and Plug&Charge.

Energy Utilities can now accelerate EV Charging profitability

be.ENERGISED Key Facts:

Icon for 45+ countries worldwide45+
countries worldwide

Icon for charge points operated40,000+
charge points operated

Icon for 15,000,000+ charging sessions completed15,000,000+
charging sessions completed

Provide your own Branded EV Charging Services, Thus Securing Full Customer Ownership

Your customers are looking for the best EV Charging service as well as tailormade products. This normally requires substantial IT customizations and system flexibility, combined with a fast time to market. If you want to broaden your core services, then customer ownership is key.

3 Key Benefits for Energy Suppliers

Efficiency and profitability of EV Charging solutions

Run an EV Charging service for all your customers that is easy to operate and maintain while offering all the necessary features. You save on expensive updates and developments as well as maintenance, so you can run the EV Charging business efficiently and profitably.

The white label solution that operates as your own service

The white label EV Charging solution and services offer a wide range of individualization options for your company. Simply apply the corporate design of your choice, effectively creating branded services and products.

Automated processes & data integration with 3rd party systems

Link your systems and profit from full customer data ownership as a basis for future marketing activities with full, GPDR-compliant data security. Interoperability and a multitude of API interfaces ensure the platform is open for unrestricted use. Accounting and payment system interfaces support automated billing, invoicing and payment processes. APIs with smart energy management systems can also be set up easily.

Protergia pioneers in the future of energy, through innovative solutions in electric mobility, that focus on the needs of all consumers. As we are strongly committed to sustainable development, we are excited to partner with has·to·be in the field of e-mobility as Greece and Europe adopt ambitious goals to tackle climate change.

Panayotis Kanellopoulos
Deputy General Manager Power & Gas Business Unit MYTILINEOS

About Protergia – MYTILINEOS’ Power & Gas Business Unit

MYTILINEOS, through Protergia, operates in Electricity and Natural gas supply, offering state-of-the-art and reliable services, electricity, and gas combined products with more than 300,000 benefits across the country. The sophisticated way Protergia offers its products shows the future of energy and opens up a new path with new possibilities for thousands of homes and businesses.

The EV Charging Solution that Innovates for You

be.ENERGISED, the hardware-agnostic EV Charging platform, handles EV fleets with ease. It provides solutions for EV Charging at work, at home and on the road. Load Management and Plug&Charge are also available. Leverage our market leadership and offer a flawless EV Charging customer experience.

Map all EV Charging Usecases with one software

Charging at work

Charging company fleets, private employee cars and visitor vehicles.

  • Automated logging of all charging
  • Access control for different user groups.
  • Calculate different cost and reimbursement rates for different user groups.
  • Direct cost center allocation.
  • Full price and cost transparency.

Charging at home

Charging private and/or company cars.

  • Automated calculation of energy costs based on individual energy rates.
  • Automated company invoicing.
  • Automated employee credit notes.
  • Transparent and legally
    compliant processes.

Charging on the road

Charging company EV fleets and private EVs.

  • Access to more than 250,000 charge points across Europe.
  • Best prices for you and your customers.
  • All contract negotiations with
    third-party CPOs finalized.
  • Absorption of interface and ongoing development costs.

3 Reasons Why You as an Energy Utility Should Get into EV Charging

Energy suppliers already have fixed customer relationships and contracts

Energy suppliers already have fixed customer relationships and contracts

An EV Charging service can be used as an upsell opportunity because electricity contracts and EV Charging services have close thematic links.

Adding EV Charging services to your portfolio strengthens customer loyalty

Adding EV Charging services to your portfolio strengthens customer loyalty

Energy suppliers are interchangeable for customers, for whom only the price typically matters – but a charging service is a USP with a huge payoff in terms of customer loyalty.

The chance to become a 360-degree energy provider

The chance to become a 360-degree energy provider

EV Charging services can be integrated into an entire ecosystem. They're a chance to move away from being a pure energy supplier and become a 360-degree provider (energy, charging infrastructure, energy consulting, PV, solar, etc.).

Energy customers & partners include:

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