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How eDrivers Can Increase Your Revenues

Boost Customer Experience And Loyalty With Your eMobility Infrastructure

Operating system for electric mobility and charging infrastructure for retail

Facts & Figures for Retail

Icon für Skalierbare Plattform für E-Mobilität3,000+
operated retail
charge points

Icon für Internationale Steuerabwicklung200,000+
charging sessions per
month in retail

Icon für Kompatibilität vieler Ladestationsmodelle35+
minutes per
charging session

A Boost For Your Charging Infrastructure

be.ENERGISED is the hardware-independent eMobility cloud platform for next-level efficiency, easy operation, and seamless customer experience. By investing in EV Charging you’ll become a leader in sustainable business and help expand Europe’s charging infrastructure.

has·to·be gmbh took a huge part in shaping eMobility. Our cooperation is the strong partnership of two industry-leading players.

Christian Krüger
CEO BayWa Mobility Solutions GmbH, BayWa AG

About BayWa

BayWa is a globally active group with the core segments of Agriculture, Energy, and Building Materials. BayWa has become the largest agricultural trader in Germany and also one of the leading agricultural commodities trading companies in the world.

Grow Customer Loyalty

Keep your visitors coming back for more by linking their charging sessions to your loyalty program. They’ll also benefit from automated billing and a white label hotline for user queries. Meanwhile, 24/7 IT support and remote maintenance ensure you can provide those clients with a service that’s reliable. Offering them hassle-free charging whilst they shop equates to more satisfied customers ready to spend more money. Those who experience simple, straightforward charging will show loyalty and be happy to return!

Drive Revenues With eMobility

In addition to expanding your customer base and monetizing your charging infrastructure, you’ll be able to offer your clients access to Europe’s biggest charging network. Your charging station will benefit from visibility in the be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY. That not only means free promotion for your charging stations but also higher utilization and revenue.

Supercharge Customer Experience

Build customer satisfaction with our simple Plug & Pay solution. be.ENERGISED allows you to connect to your own IT infrastructure, which in turn means a perfect customer journey – from charging station access and dynamic pricing to automated billing and payment. Multi-language hotline assistants make sure that your customers get help during the charging process at any time.

More Efficiency, Less Expense

Modular installation and scaling ensures be.ENERGISED can always match the evolving needs of your retail business. It also means we can provide for the efficient, automated management of larger charging infrastructures and offer useful retailer features such as charging area clusters and automated billing including Europe-wide sales tax accounting.

be.ENERGISED ist Hardware neutral

Hardware Neutrality

be.ENERGISED is compatible with every one of the charging station types in Europe – and with all the newer models in the pipeline.

Ladeinfrastruktur-Management für Handelsunternehmen

Charging Infrastructure for Retail Businesses

Open your charging station during (and after) trading hours.

Tariffs for specific customer groups and times of day – a modular system tailored to your requirements.

Manage your charging infrastructure in terms of region clusters – or however, is most logical for you.

Internationale & automatisierte Abrechnung für Retail

Multinational, Automated Billing

be.ENERGISED already handles sales tax requirements on a Europe-wide basis – in multiple currencies and languages. These automated accounting processes save you both time and effort.

Tailored To Your Needs

Your has·to·be gmbh Project Manager works with you all the way from planning to rollout to live operation. They’ll recommend and deliver the modules and processes needed for your individual business case. We guarantee your clients will have a first-class charging experience, whilst your tailored infrastructure runs with 24/7 IT support and full price transparency.

Welcome To The Safe Side!

As the leading player in the industry, be.ENERGISED offers a secure, high-performance platform with over 40,000 charge points, ongoing technical support, and the experience that comes from undertaking over 1,000 projects with clients such as VW, IONITY, and BayWa.

Since 2008 our CEO Martin Klässner has been driving the innovation and development of eMobility. The leading EV Charging cloud platform be.ENERGISED is the result of more than 10 years of expertise and knowledge, recognized and used by leading EV Charging service providers in Europe as IONITY, EWE Go, and Volkswagen as well as sector-leading companies from retail, energy utility, car industry, and telecommunication.

Customers of has·to·be

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EV Charging for Retail: FAQ

Are the German calibration laws applicable to EV charging throughout Europe?

Each country has its own EV Charging rules and regulations. The German calibration law is the strictest in the EU in terms of measuring the output of energy. be.ENERGISED is compliant with these standards. We developed the transparency software solution together with hardware manufacturers and charge point operators. The transparency software ensures charging stations are compliant with the law and consumers have an easy way to check their charging session data for accuracy using a digital key. We anticipate as EV Charging solution develops, other countries will follow Germany's lead in consumer protection for EV Charging sessions.

be.ENERGISED is also fully compliant with VAT & tax regulations in the EU and UK as well as GDPR compliant.

Is your software compatible with our company’s CRM system?

be.ENERGISED integrates easily with third-party systems including CRM and ERP via a customized API. This allows the exchange of data with your internal IT ecosystem. The API can be custom-built to your individual use case.

We understand that loyalty programs offering discounts and promotions vary from retailer to retailer. That is why our be.ENERGISED system is designed to provide you with charging session data so you can analyze it and develop your own loyalty programs to suit your needs. Discounts and promotions are managed in the CRM system of the individual retailer, so you maintain customer confidentiality and stay in control.

Are EV charging sessions billed ad hoc (pay as you go) or invoiced monthly?

Billing and payment services are one of our core competencies. We offer a range of tailor-made solutions to our customers depending on your needs.

There are many options for authorizing access to the charging station(s) including:

  • Access for everyone free of charge
  • Access for a closed user group with authorization with customer cards, key fob, or mobile app.

You also have the option to choose set times when your store is closed or off-peak shopping times. Our team can support you select the best option for your use case and there is lots of flexibility to change this as your retail stores grow and adapt.

When using closed user groups, you have the option to bill monthly or provide pre-paid accounts.

The following PSP Partners can be integrated into be.ENERGISED: List of PSP partners

Currently, our system offers

  • Payment at the charge point via QR code:
    Customers pay via a QR code that connects the eDriver to the payment provider. The EV driver then pays online using a credit card or Paypal.
  • Payment via an app:
    Using an app e.g., (white-label app by has·to·be gmbh branded in the retailer’s corporate identity), the eDriver selects the method of payment and pays monthly via credit card, bank payment (SEPA), etc. There is also an option to pay as an unregistered guest.
  • NFC: Payment terminal e.g., Tap and Go at the charge point:
    To accommodate this option an NFC terminal must be integrated by the hardware supplier. This is not an issue for our software. The charges paid via NFC terminal will appear in our back office as “Paid by NFC”.

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