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Drive Electrification.

Leverage EV Charging At Gas Stations For New Revenue Streams.

Count on has·to·be gmbh as your partner for building a scalable, reliable EV charging infrastructure across Europe.

Leverage EV Charging at Gas Stations with be.ENERGISED backend software

be.ENERGISED Key Benefits:

Icon für verwaltete Ladepunkte Handel Effective operations across 35+ countries

Icon für Ladevorgänge pro Monat im Handel Access to 200,000+ charge points in Europe

Icon für zusätzliche Verweildauer pro LadevorgangProfit increases of up to 40% through energy cost savings

Grow And Diversify Your Business With An End-To-End EV Charging Solution Built With Global Scalability In Mind.

The rise of the electric vehicle is changing the mobility world at a rapid pace – and that means the oil & gas industry has to gear up for a rapid transformation too. Being able to meet the high demand for climate-neutral mobility, gas station networks of the future will offer charging stations instead of petrol pumps. The head organization of the European environmental association's Transport & Environment (T&E) is certain that around 13 million electric cars will be on Europe's roads in 2025 and 44 million in 2050. Public charging will move from an anonymous transaction to a long-term relationship with full customer data ownership.

EV public charging and EV fleet charging software

Opening Up New Business Areas

As the most advanced EV charging platform, be.ENERGISED provides not only an end-to-end solution for EV public charging and EV fleet charging but for home and workplace charging too. The customizable platform ensures easy, reliable infrastructure operation on a large scale creates synergies with other businesses , and offers 24/7 support services.

Four Key Benefits That Make The Difference For You:

Operate A Reliable, International EV Charging Infrastructure With Ease.

Manage large-scale, international infrastructures using a simple platform that also takes care of legal and regulatory compliance.

Secure Customer Ownership And Increase Gas Station Shop Revenues. 

Customize your EV charging services and integrate them into your marketing activities by connecting them to your loyalty programs and ERP systems. Increased customer loyalty and free access to new customers through our network will grow revenues at gas station shops.

Provide Seamless EV Charging Throughout Europe.


Offer your fleet customers the best EV charging with white label services such as an eDriver app, automated billing, and a 24/7 hotline. From initial infrastructure access to final payment, be.ENERGISED offers a complete solution – as well as access to Europe’s largest roaming network with over 180,000 charge points.

Secure Your Share Of The EV Charging Boom With The Fastest Go-To-Market Solution.

Take advantage of ready-to-go solutions for fast monetization and short time-to-market. With over 10 years of experience in EV charging implementations, our team can provide guidance on both business models and process design. The platform adapts to your individual business strategy and grows with your requirements.

In our eyes, has·to·be gmbh provides the right product because it is flexible and modular. We can add further modules to it at any time. It is so reliable, and the team is very customer-oriented. That was the perfect mix for us.

Alexander Junge
Electrification Director Aral Germany
Aral is implementing 500 ultra-fast charging points at Aral sites by the end of 2021

About Aral

With around 2,400 service stations, Aral is No. 1 in Germany and the European market's leading service station. The quality supplier of fuels and lubricants has been based in Bochum since 1898. They invented the world's first super fuel in 1924, composed of aromatics and aliphatics, hence the company name 'Aral'. Aral has been bp's gas station brand in Germany since 2002.

Why Choose be.ENERGISED For Petrol Company Applications?

be.ENERGISED is hardware neutral

Scalable, Reliable EV Charging Operations

The software offers all the functions you need to easily manage your infrastructure, as well as guarantee your customer's maximum charging station uptime and 24/7 support.

Smart energy management

Automated, Crossborder Billing & Accounting

Management of large-scale, international infrastructures whilst taking care of financial, legal, and regulatory compliance. be.ENERGISED handles sales tax requirements on a Europe-wide basis – in multiple currencies and languages. These automated accounting processes save you both time and effort.

Hardware agnostic platform

Hardware Agnostic Platform

be.ENERGISED uses the OCPP protocol and is compatible with all relevant EV charging station models. This enables regular and fast OTA updates for your infrastructure (eg. upgrading to rapid- or hyper-charging), thus minimizing downtimes.

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