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eMobility for Utilities

Utilities face a range of eMobility challenges. Just some of these include the design and planning of charging infrastructures, the management and billing of eCharging stations, the provision of charging cards or apps and roaming access for external charging customers. With has·to·be at your side, all of this is as good as taken care of!

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How We help Utilities

No matter where you are in your eMobility strategy, we can help you implement your vision.

As the market leader in complete eMobility solutions, we’re active on a global scale. Companies such as EnBW ODR, EWE, Stadtwerke Bochum, Badenova, Gelsenwasser or Schleswig are already relying on our smart full-service eMobility solutions.

Our innovative, flexible software solutions and services form a complete package for energy suppliers, enabling them to serve as professional, successful eMobility providers.

Turning innovation into everyday life: The be.ENERGISED platform supports us in the operation of our approximately 1,000 charge points and our charging services. We have been working trustful with has·to·be gmbh since 2015 and are thus driving the mobility revolution forward.

Heiko Hambrock
Managing Director EWE Go, Business Area Mobility, EWE AG

About EWE AG

EWE AG is a pioneer in renewables, operates Europe's most reliable energy networks, and bundles know-how for intelligent energy systems with energy, telecommunications, and IT. EWE Go is the mobility subsidiary where customers can find a wide range of eMobility products and services – from EV charging cards to billing systems for businesses.

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Charging Infrastructure Management

Control your charging stations and keep track of their status. With our revolutionary be.ENERGISED operating system, managing your infrastructure is child’s play – regardless of your eCharging station type or how many you have.

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Automated, Flexible Billing

Our software solution covers all aspects of billing and tariff administration for your charging infrastructure. You can quickly and easily display different pricing models or tariffs, which you can adjust even for individual customers or charging stations.

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Europe-Wide Charging for your Customers

Our eMSP.OPERATION ervice enables your customers to charge eCars right across Europe with a single charging card or app – without any additional billing or contract management work!

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Community - Allow Everyone to Charge

By opening up your charging stations to external customers, you can ensure optimal utilisation of your infrastructure – without additional cost or effort. At the same time, you retain control over usage and billing.

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24/7 Monitoring of your Charging Stations

With our Chargepoint.OPERATION service, your eCharging stations are in good hands. We keep an eye on them around the clock and ensure flawless operation, including 24/7 monitoring, remote maintenance, and update implementation.

Further eMobility Applications

Our service works in the background: your eMobility customers interact with your brand only. This allows you to strengthen your relationship with them.

We’ve got the know-how to operate your eCharging stations in accordance with legal requirements.

Why work with has·to·be?

Experience and Know-how

has·to·be is a companion you can trust all the way from planning to implementation. More than 1,000 customers in over 45 countries worldwide rely on has·to·be’s knowledge and innovative electric mobility solutions. Working with has·to·be puts your charging infrastructure in the very best hands!

Calibration Law

Calibration laws for eCharging stations pose new challenges for eMobility service providers. has·to·be offers the expert know-how to operate your eCharging stations in accordance with legal requirements.

eMobility Software Solution

be.ENERGISED is the innovative turnkey solution for the operation of your eCharging infrastructure. The software takes care of almost every task associated with eCharging station management. More than 40,000 charging points worldwide are already managed using be.ENERGISED.

Roaming Network

You tap into networked eCharging stations – a fast-growing market! has·to·be offers access to more than 250,000 roaming charge points throughout Europe. And that’s without roaming contracts or complex billing processes with other station operators.

Certified Partner

With the Certified.PARTNER service, has·to·be guarantees your hardware meets the highest quality standards and works seamlessly with the software. With the be.ENERGISED operating system, you can offer your customers outstanding turnkey eMobility solutions.

Customer Solutions

With has·to·be's products and services, you’ve got all the options – from consulting right through to the operation of your charging stations. We handle eMobility for energy suppliers, utilities, the logistics industry and other businesses.

Full Service Solutions

As an independent provider of full eMobility service solutions, has·to·be offers everything you need for eMobility success: from the initial concept and hassle-free operation of eCharging stations to the management of worldwide eMobility operations.

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