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eMobility for Businesses

Are you looking to operate charging stations, equip your fleet with eCars or be able to offer eMobility services? Top companies all over Europe are turning to us to take care of both setup and daily operation.

eMobility solutions for companies

eMobility Services for Businesses

Electrify your fleet and employees

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eFleet charging at your premises
and Europe-wide

Corporate.CHARGING allows you to charge up your eCar fleet at your base as well as at stations throughout Europe. Your employees access the charging infrastructure via app. Both your bill and logs of these charging sessions are automatically delivered to you once a month.

Employee charging solution for companies

Private eCar charging
for employees

Our Employee.CHARGING service allows you to offer your employees access to all charging stations. They can charge their own eCars at company locations and throughout Europe. We take care of the automated billing for you.

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Further use cases for businesses

Manage your company fleets

Operating charging stations

Stay in control of your charging stations and keep tabs on the status of your company fleet. Managing your infrastructure is a breeze with be.ENERGISED, our revolutionary operating system.

e-charging stations for your and 3rd party customers

Opening your charging stations to the public

Open up your company’s charging stations, either free of charge or for a fee, to third-party customers. This keeps your infrastructure working for you as much as possible, maximising your return on investment. You always retain full control over usage and billing.

Charge your employees cars throughout Europe

eCar charging throughout Europe

Your employees can recharge all over the continent using a company charging card. You receive a monthly invoice for all roaming chargings done by your employees at external charging stations.

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Additional products

Certified charging stations and monitoring software

Together with our certified partners, we can provide charging stations that include preconfigured be.ENERGISED monitoring software.

All-inclusive, hassle-free service

With a 24/7 hotline for eCar drivers, as well as monitoring and diagnosis of your charging stations around the clock, 360.SUPPORT lets you leave your infrastructure entirely in our hands.

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