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be.ENERGISED 35% DACH market share

One in three DACH region charge points now runs on be.ENERGISED software

has·to·be gmbh has secured around 35 percent of the market in the DACH region, continuing to push the proportion of European charge points connected to be.ENERGISED higher.

Radstadt, 27. September 2021. With almost 15 million electric and plug-in vehicles expected to be on Germany’s roads by 2030, the country will need an estimated 843,000 publicly accessible charge points by the same year1. Now that the automotive sector is showing clear intent to do its bit for the ambitious transport carbon saving measures related to the European ‘Fit for 55’ package, it’s critical that the charging infrastructure expands faster – and with a greater level of engagement. With over 1000 clients in 45 countries, that’s exactly where the focus lies for has·to·be gmbh – every third charge point in the German-speaking DACH region now runs on be.ENERGISED2, which translates to over 40,000 charge points across the continent operating with the company’s solution.

The end-of-August figures don’t lie: the infrastructure is constantly growing in line with massive eCar sales. In Germany alone, there are already 44,174 publicly accessible charge points3, while Austria has 93534 and Switzerland 82085 – that’s almost 62,000 charge points across the DACH zone. That’s good news for has·to·be gmbh, since almost 22,000 of all available DACH charge points already run on be.ENERGISED, the cloud platform for charging infrastructure management, operation, and billing.

Europe’s charging like never before: every two seconds, a charging session powered by be.ENERGISED begins

The increase in completed charging sessions is another indicator that eMobility has made a lasting breakthrough. Since the beginning of September 2020, has·to·be gmbh has been able to triple the number of charging sessions run on be.ENERGISED. At the end of August last year, the total count was 5 million. Now, just one year on, 15 million eCar drivers have initiated charging sessions via has·to·be clients. Right now, someone begins charging every two seconds on average.

Global growth for has·to·be gmbh

Although it has now reached a count of 274,8216 publicly accessible charge points, the charging network in the European Union, which is concentrated in a small handful of countries, still has huge gaps. More specifically, southern and eastern Europe are a long way from providing a comprehensive electricity supply for vehicles, or even the kind of coverage offered by fuel stations. Covering these gaps is exactly the reason why has·to·be gmbh is getting behind growth and ongoing electrification on a global basis. And it’s working: the number of charge points connected to be.ENERGISED has doubled in the last 12 months, and has now surpassed 40,000. The success of has·to·be gmbh is down to its over 1000 international clients, as well as projects in over 45 countries – including distant Japan.

But that doesn’t mean it’s time to ease off. CEO Martin Klässner says the path ahead is clear: “Along with continuing to develop the charging infrastructure in the years to come, we’ll be focusing on three core challenges: price optimization, stabilization, and load distribution. Charging must be economically viable to maintain its appeal over the longer term, and increased market penetration means we need intelligent management systems that can flatten energy spikes and thus also drive regenerative energy technologies. We’ll be working on solutions to those issues for our partners and clients.”

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