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has·to·be roaming service enables unlimited charging

A new product for mobility service suppliers enables charging card providers to offer their electricity customers unlimited access to charging stations across Europe. The greatest advantage of the solution: has·to·be handles the complex processing of roaming contracts and time-consuming billing of charging cycles.

Until now, roaming in the electromobility segment involved great effort. Whenever providers of charging cards (mobility service providers, MSP in short) strived to grant their customers access to third-party charging stations, they were forced to enter numerous contracts with individual charging station operators (ChargePoint Operators, CPO in short). eMSP.OPERATION by has·to·be ensures that these struggles are a thing of the past.

No contract negotiations

The service grants mobility service providers and their customers access to a pan-European charging network. The charging cycles are processed via the existing charging card. has·to·be handles the contracts with infrastructure operators. This immediately eliminates the immense administrative burden that hundreds of contractual agreements entail for the suppliers of charging cards.

Fully automated processing and fraud protection

Once eMSP.OPERATION is active, has·to·be handles all tasks associated with an end user’s charging cycle: from the data transfer between CPOs and MSPs to the billing of the cycle itself. In addition, the system automatically checks for malfunctions during charging cycles, for example due to errors or fraud attempts.

Billing in B2B environment

has·to·be also ensures maximum transparency and simplicity in terms of billing. At the end of the month, the MSP in question receives a concise collective invoice for all roaming charges accumulated by its customers and pays it to has·to·be. The be.ENERGISED tariff administration subsequently passes the costs on to the end customers automatically without causing additional problems for all involved parties.

Simple price structuring

The pricing structure for eMSP.OPERATION is deliberately simple: the MSP pays a monthly flat-rate of 4.50 Euros to has·to·be for each activated charging card. No additional costs are incurred. This means that the providers of charging cards always retain full control, and benefit no matter how many of their customers make use of roaming services.

A product that pays off

Mobility service providers thus save money in many areas. For example, no costs are incurred for setting up technical interfaces, or for transactions within the e-mobility operating system. Fully automated processing results in savings in invoice verification and payment. The charging card providers, on the other hand, benefit from the excellent terms that has·to·be has negotiated on their behalf.

Flexible pricing

has·to·be negotiates the purchase prices for the individual charging cycles with the respective charging station operators. The MSP can then determine how much its end customers are required to pay for roaming. If desired, roaming can also be supplemented with a fixed, automatically calculated surcharge. This also makes the administration of sales prices as easy as possible. The desired tariffs can be defined via the backend of has·to·be’s operating system be.ENERGISED.

Also suitable for service vehicle billing

eMSP.OPERATION is not only suitable for granting end customers access to thousands of charging points. It is also an interesting tool to simplify the billing of electric service vehicles. To this end, the company’s employees receive a RFID charging card that allows them to recharge at one of thousands of charging stations. At the end of the month, the company receives a transparent collective invoice for all charging cycles of its service vehicles. The automated allocation of charging cycles to employees or cost centres is also included in the package. Whether and at what price a company passes the charging cycle costs on to its employees is, of course, an internal matter. The only fixed costs are, once again, 4.50 Euros per activated card.

About has·to·be gmbh

The company, with headquarters in Radstadt (Salzburg), Munich and Vienna, is the market leader in the area of white label operation of smart solutions in the overall electromobility environment. The products and services of has·to·be offer everything that companies need for success in electric mobility: from the carefree operation of e-charging stations to the management of worldwide mobility offers. The product be.ENERGISED – the intelligent software developed by has·to·be for the management of electrical charging infrastructures – is used successfully by more than 14,000 charging stations worldwide.

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