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New age in electromobility: transparency software

New transparency software enables legally compliant operation of charging stations. Companies can now participate in the development at low cost.

In many cases, people who refuel their electric car at German charging stations do not know exactly how the bill comes about. Consumer protection already prescribes uniform and transparent billing. Two e-mobility providers are now providing transparency at Germany’s charging stations with groundbreaking software. Companies can participate cost-effectively in the development of this software.

Consumer protection has been of particular importance in Germany for many years. In order to ensure transparent billing at charging stations, the Rule Determination Committee (REA) has defined uniform requirements for the recording of measured values. This has created a uniform framework throughout Germany. Charge Point Operators are now required to technically implement these calibration-compliant requirements. The so called end-to-end signature is used here. It enables users of charging stations to check the correctness of the recorded values at any time.

New transparency software creates security for consumers

Thanks to the end-to-end signature, drivers can download the digitally signed measured values after receiving their invoice and check them with so-called transparency software. The transparency software determines whether the signature of the measured values matches the public key of the charging station. This ensures that the values were not manipulated or falsified after entry and that the settlement was issued correctly.

Transparency software: Uniform solution for Germany

In order to find a uniform solution for Germany, 30 companies have already joined forces in the ‘S.A.F.E – Software Alliance for E-mobility’ initiative, which was started by ‘wallbe’ and ‘ABL’. The partners have decided that has·to·be gmbh, in cooperation with Ebee, a subsidiary of the Bender Group, should develop transparency software for the German market and make it available to the participating companies. In future, German consumers will only need a single transparency software to check measured values – even at charging stations from different manufacturers.

Call for participation

has·to·be has agreed to share the one-off costs of development and certification among the participating companies. This results in considerable cost advantages. Currently, the costs per company are around € 3,000 net. With each additional company that participates in the current call, the costs for everyone decrease. Interested companies can send a non-binding expression of interest to Further information on implementation and design can be found on the Internet at

Implementation schedule:

has·to·be is currently working with Ebee on the implementation of the transparency software and submitting it to a conformity assessment procedure. This is expected to be completed by the end of August 2018, so that from this point in time calibration-compliant charging infrastructure can be operated uniformly.

The following companies are currently members of the S.A.F.E initiative:

has·to·be gmbh
chargeIT mobility
EBG compleo
com2m connecting software solutions
Westfalen Weser Netz
Stromnetz Hamburg
Ebee Smart Technologies
Energie Codes & Services GmbH
Swarco Traffic Systems
Phoenix Contact
The New Motion
Technagon GmbH
Digital Energy Solutions
Siemens AG
GP Joule GmbH & Co. KG

About ebee:

Ebee Smart Technologies GmbH is a subsidiary of the Bender Group and the driving force behind the development of the ChargeController family from Bender. In addition, Ebee develops a charging point that can be used as a wallbox, charging station or lantern charging solution and is based on the charging controller. The transparency software developed jointly with will be available for all products based on Bender Charge Controllers.

About wallbe:

Wallbe is a German manufacturer of charging stations and entered the market for electric mobility in 2008. Today wallbe develops and sells its own charging controllers, operates and develops an internationally used OCPP backend with over 1100 active charging points and produces various charging solutions in the AC and DC sectors. The transparency software developed by as part of the S.A.F.E. initiative will be available for all products based on wallbe charge controllers.

About has·to·be gmbh

The company, based in Radstadt (Salzburg), Munich and Vienna, is a leading provider of complete solutions for electromobility. The products and services of has·to·be offer everything that companies need for success in electric mobility: from the carefree operation of e-charging stations to the management of worldwide mobility offers. The product be.ENERGISED – the intelligent software developed by has·to·be for the management of e-charging infrastructures – is used successfully by more than 14,500 charging stations worldwide.