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Neues Büro am Münchener Standort von has·to·be

Mobility hub: has·to·be has settled into its new quarters in Munich’s “WERK12” co-working space.

Radstadt, 18. August 2020. has·to·be has teamed up with AUDI AG and AUDI Business Innovation GmbH to provide the kind of innovative power that only the close cooperation of important eMobility players can create: a hub for the climate-neutral mobility concepts of tomorrow. 

The fact that the former site of the Pfanni dumpling factories can also produce innovations and ideas of tomorrow is demonstrated by its new role as an innovative and modern city district that also houses the “WERK12” co-working space. All residents and companies refer to themselves as “settlers”, united by a desire for a sustainable lifestyle. AUDI AG, AUDI Business Innovation GmbH, and has·to·be have joined the ranks of the settlers to pave the way for climate-neutral mobility. It is no coincidence that additional space for innovative and new project ideas has been created in the process.

What must it be like to return to a completely new office environment after the coronavirus lockdown? Ask our colleagues working at the Munich offices of has·to·be. Upon return from their respective home offices, they plunged into a completely new world. It is a new start that generates powerful momentum. Approximately ten has·to·be employees now work closely with AUDI Business Innovation GmbH in shared premises at the “WERK12” co-working spaces in a spectacular office building designed by Rotterdam-based architecture firm MVRDV. The settlers not only share office space, but also innovative ideas and joint projects.

Room for Innovations and eMobility Projects

“For us, relocating to the ‘WERK12’ co-working space generates new momentum and opportunities. Within this new environment, we have created the space our employees need to shape the mobility concepts of tomorrow. Now, mobility experts from the software, hardware, and sales divisions can exchange ideas and opinions while drinking coffee in the common rooms. We are eagerly looking forward to the new ideas and projects that will emerge in this mobility hub,” says Tobias Scharfen, CSO and head of has·to·be’s branch in Munich.

“The ‘Werksviertel’ district is diverse, modern, and inspiring. Most importantly, however, it is sustainable. This is how we envisage the city of the future. Young, urban people with everyday mobility needs live here alongside B2B customers who are mobile in terms of business. In addition, both locals and tourists take advantage of the attractive leisure facilities in the new city district. Within this creative and suspenseful environment, we strive to develop innovative concepts for the brand in close cooperation with start-ups and other settlers,” explains Christian Heigemeir, Head of Corporate Architecture and Dealer Process at AUDI. “In doing so, we are firmly committed to eMobility.”

First Joint Consulting Projects

has·to·be is already collaborating very closely with AUDI Business Innovation on two consulting projects. As a customer of has·to·be, AUDI also stands to benefit from the spatial proximity within this eMobility hub, especially as the brand is fully committed to developing integrated mobility concepts in cooperation with other settlers. This is where new products and services for modern, urban customers are developed.

Anyone who immerses themselves in the world of eMobility at “WERK12” immediately senses the innovative power and emotion of the three settlers AUDI, AUDI Business Innovation, and has·to·be.

About Werksviertel-Mitte

Werksviertel-Mitte is creative, urban, and innovative. The new city district of Munich is in a constant state of flux. Residential areas, offices, entertainment, art, and culture merge into a unique form of urban coexistence in Munich East. Werksviertel-Mitte offers ample scope for superb architecture, as well as digital, creative, and artistic innovation. A lively urban culture unfolds here every day, a culture that can be actively shaped and experienced anew time and again.

About AUDI Business Innovation GmbH

Audi Business Innovation GmbH was established in 2013 by AUDI AG as a wholly owned subsidiary in order to provide new impetus for its core business. The aim is to actively shape the future of mobility and to implement new business models that go beyond the car as a product. Audi Business Innovation GmbH develops and maintains innovative concepts, products, and services at the interface between technology, digital business models, and mobility. The company also holds corresponding equity interests. Furthermore, Audi Business Innovation GmbH collaborates in a variety of capacities with external partners from the mobility and digitisation sectors, thus expanding the range of digital services offered by AUDI AG.

About has·to·be gmbh

has·to·be paves the way for sustainable mobility. With its comprehensive EV Charging solution and innovative services, has·to·be provides everything companies require to enjoy success in the field of EV Charging: from the scalable operation of charging infrastructure to the end-to-end management of worldwide mobility solutions.

More than 120 employees from ten nations work at the headquarters of has·to·be gmbh in the federal province of Salzburg and its offices in Munich and Vienna. 


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