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has·to·be Joins ChargeUp Europe Industry Alliance as Board Member

ChargeUp Europe is a coalition pressing for more investment in charging infrastructure and the elimination of market barriers in the European Union 

Radstadt, 08th of July 2020. The founders and members of ChargeUp Europe share a common goal: breaking down market barriers and clearing the way for climate-neutral mobility via the decarbonisation of the transport sector. All of them players in the charging infrastructure industry, each member stands for and pursues this vision. They are focused on establishing a faster, more efficient charging infrastructure across Europe, along with interoperability and transparent, open, comprehensive communication protocols and industry standards. This is an alliance with considerable influence: ChargeUp Europe’s member organisations – Allego, ChargePoint, EVBox, evway, Fastned, GreenWay and has·to·be – currently represent 175,000 charging points across all 27 EU member states.

As one of the core topics relating to Europe’s 2050 climate neutrality target, the transformation of the mobility sector needs to be spurred on. ChargeUp Europe champions the development of a charging infrastructure that will keep up with the continuing rise in EV numbers. The move towards electric power, in both the industrial and private transport arenas, will play a critical role in achieving climate-neutral mobility.

A coalition with a clear vision

“We need initiatives like this in order to break down the existing barriers in the market and accelerate expansion of the charging infrastructure,” says Martin Klässner, CEO of has·to·be. “Only when we pursue common goals and harness our synergies can we be assertive enough to really change an industry as well as develop standards and norms, thus driving us closer to the mobility of the future.”

It was exactly this idea that drove his decision to join ChargeUp Europe as a board member. “We didn’t have to think about it for very long: right now, is our chance to take a stand and give climate-neutral mobility a voice in the EU parliament. It’s essential for us to work together and present a unified vision at this decisive time. Wherever the future of the eMobility industry is being discussed and decided, we need to be involved. Only if we play an active role now can we as a sector have the opportunity to set the right course from the very beginning.”

Major initial tasks already completed

A first policy document, with clear recommendations for the revision of the EU’s guidelines on the expansion of infrastructure for alternative fuels (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive [AFID]), has already been published. In 12 points it addresses among other things transparency and market supervision, as well as the prioritisation of interoperability and open networks. Further policy documents are already being developed, while ChargeUp Europe’s communication roadmap includes a major launch event as well as lectures and debates.

About ChargeUp Europe

ChargeUp Europe, based in Brussels, is an alliance representing the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure sector. ChargeUp Europe has been formed to accelerate the switch to zero emission mobility and ensure a seamless driver experience with access to high quality, readily available charging infrastructure across Europe.  As of today, our member companies – Allego, ChargePoint, EVBox, evway, Fastned, GreenWay and has·to·be – represent over 175.000 charging points in all 27 EU Member States.

About has·to·be gmbh

has·to·be paves the way for sustainable mobility. With its comprehensive EV Charging solution and innovative services, has·to·be provides everything companies require to enjoy success in the field of EV Charging: from the scalable operation of charging infrastructure to the end-to-end management of worldwide mobility solutions.

More than 120 employees from ten nations work at the headquarters of has·to·be gmbh in the federal province of Salzburg and its offices in Munich and Vienna. 


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