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CHancen in der Elektromobilität

E-Mobility: Encouraging, Not Frightening

“We must begin to see electromobility as potential.”

One can hear a constant distant rumbling sound in the automobile industry these days. In the debate about the industry’s future, electromobility is primarily regarded by many as a job killer. Wrongly so, says expert Martin Klässner. Instead, he would like to see the focus shifted to the development opportunities associated with change.

The World Wide Web in its current form was born at the CERN research centre approx. 30 years ago. The 12th of March 1989 was a momentous day. The internet has fundamentally changed the way we work, learn, and communicate today. Some business fields disintegrated and certain job profiles vanished into thin air – but new ones have emerged since.

Anyone who listens closely to the whispers in the automobile industry at both management and works council level, may feel reminded of the pioneering era of the internet. Regulatory measures, such as diesel driving bans and emission limits, are often mentioned in the same breath as the expansion of electromobility. Above all, the threat of job losses hovers over the decision-makers’ heads like the sword of Damocles. The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO), for example, recently predicted that approx. 100,000 jobs could be lost in Germany by 2030. It comes as no surprise that such numbers trigger all kinds of alarm bells.

“Electromobility is not the Problem, It’s part of the solution”

“Our company is an excellent example,” Klässner stresses. The be.ENERGISED operating system developed by has-to-be controls more than 14,000 charging stations worldwide. This international success also boosts value creation in the region. has-to-be currently employs more than 60 people at its headquarters in Radstadt, and the number is rising rapidly. “We offer our staff a unique working atmosphere and an international flair that can usually only be found in large start-up hubs,” emphasises co-founder and COO Alexander Kirchgasser. He is, however, acutely aware of one of the greatest challenges the location poses: “Not only our company, but the entire region is in dire need of well-trained specialists.”

In addition to the be.ENERGISED software, has·to·be now offers numerous other products and services to enable and further expand electromobility. The customers are spread out all across Europe: “We are a provider of complete solutions, for example for when a large company or municipality decides to convert its fleet to electric vehicles, or when a municipal utility enters the market,” says CEO Martin Klässner. has·to·be generally remains invisible for consumers. “We usually don’t seek the limelight ourselves, but ensure that everything runs smoothly on behalf of our clients,” Klässner explains.

New conference unites innovative entrepreneurs

has·to·be’s success story is not an isolated case: “We are registering that the field of electromobility is bringing forth a large number of innovative products and services that are positioning themselves very successfully in the market. In order to make potentials more visible and to connect industry players, Klässner launched the be.CONNECTED conference last year. The very first event attracted more than 150 participants to Munich to discuss the future of electromobility for two days. Conclusion: the potential for innovative products and services is manifold. It not only applies to vehicles; new business models are also emerging for the construction and operation of charging stations, as well as in the area of mobility services. This benefits various industries, ranging from large electricity providers or municipal utilities to local electricians. The conference participants all agreed that change cannot be prevented. It is now a matter of taking advantage of opportunities in the spirit of domestic economic growth.

Klässner therefore primarily calls upon the decision-makers in politics and industry and revisits the aforementioned example of the internet: “What can we learn after 30 years of WWW? If one had acted more boldly in this country, the gap to industry giants such as Amazon and Google would be smaller today.” Klässner advocates interdisciplinary cooperation and joint efforts in terms of market development. He believes the media has a role in this too: “Let’s stop the scaremongering about job killers. Let’s focus on the opportunities that innovation affords us. If we don’t, someone else will.”

About has·to·be gmbh

The company, with headquarters in Radstadt (Salzburg), Munich and Vienna, is the market leader in the area of white label operation of smart solutions in the overall electromobility environment. The products and services of has·to·be offer everything that companies need for success in electric mobility: from the carefree operation of e-charging stations to the management of worldwide mobility offers. The product be.ENERGISED – the intelligent software developed by has·to·be for the management of electrical charging infrastructures – is used successfully by more than 14,000 charging stations worldwide.

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