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CPO.Operations Elektromobilität, Ladestationsbetrieb

CPO Operations – for your e-charging stations

has·to·be is your competent partner when it comes to the safe and reliable operation of your charging stations: from 24/7 monitoring, to troubleshooting via remote maintenance and on site, to the implementation of updates.

What services does CPO.Operations include?

CPO.Operations provides you with automated monitoring of the operation of your charging stations. This means that in order to take preventive action against malfunctions, preventive measures are carried out remotely and thus unnoticed failures of the charging stations are avoided.

24/7 monitoring enables error messages to be diagnosed immediately. If possible, faults are rectified by remote maintenance. Should on-site repair be necessary, our team will send a technician to your charging station.

Charging stations certified by, which are operated with CPO.Operations, active receive firmware updates as soon as they have been released by the respective hardware manufacturers. So your charging stations are always up to date, without additional effort.

What advantages do I get?

On the one hand, there is the advantage for charging station owners that costs are saved through CPO Operations. What is the reason for this? The automated operation of the software saves personnel costs for those employees who would have to deal with the manual operation of the charging infrastructure.

Equally high education and training costs for existing personnel would have to be incurred, as qualified employees are required to be able to make remote diagnoses. Here provides a team of experienced technicians who deal exclusively with error analyses and diagnoses and thus bring with them the required know-how and experience.

Technicians who are seconded for on-site services can be advised and trained by our team with detailed process instructions. We receive the necessary technical information at first hand from the hardware manufacturers.

The result …

All in all, it can be said that charging infrastructure operators will significantly increase their operational efficiency through CPO operations. Downtime of charging stations can be reduced and in most cases avoided. And not only does it save a lot of effort, it also reduces costs. In short, we ensure that your store network runs smoothly and your customers are satisfied – while you can concentrate on your core business.

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