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14,516 trips around the world

be.ENERGISED powers EV drivers to 14,516 trips around the world

Numbers don’t lie: Climate neutral mobility a force to be reckoned with in Europe.

Radstadt. May 18th 2021. 14,516. When you add up all the kilometers driven by eVehicles running on electricity delivered via be.ENERGISED so far, that’s the number of times you could go around the world. Or travel to the sun and back – twice. Our point? EV Charging is in demand like never before.

Almost 582 million 1 climate neutral kilometers have already been covered using power provided using the be.ENERGISED EV Charging platform – 121 million kilowatt-hours, to be exact. Theoretically, that would cover 757 return trips to the moon. Figures like this are a clear sign that the EV Charging hype is justified – and doesn’t seem likely to end any time soon. According to Statista 2, registrations of new battery-electric cars continued to accelerate in several European countries during the early months of 2021 – in contrast to those of traditional internal combustion cars. EVs have been particularly in demand during the COVID-19 crisis.

Optimized environment a major factor

eCars are trending ever upwards. This is partly the result of an environment that is constantly becoming more favorable for their adoption: increased range, shorter charging times and more charge points. And has·to·be gmbh continues to make a key contribution to this rapidly changing landscape. The Austrian company connects EV charging providers to more than 200,000 charge points across Europe via its roaming network. Over 6500 charge sessions are logged via its efficient be.ENERGISED platform every day – and more than 35,000 charge points in 35 countries run on the software. Furthermore, the flexible operating system is compatible with all charging stations available on the European market.

‘Green Deal’ and environmental awareness key drivers

Also playing a big role in the boom is the fact that driving an EV implies climate neutral travel. This is taking on increasing significance – and not just for end users. The ‘European Green Deal’, introduced by the European Commission in 2019, stipulates a climate neutral Europe by 2050. This, in turn, means many measures being put into place in order to encourage more efficient use of resources – including the reduction of pollution. This means businesses – not least the Oil & Gas industry – are heavily affected. And, as kilometers powered by electricity are climate neutral, that plays right into the hands of the EV charging sector.

About has·to·be gmbh

has·to·be paves the way for sustainable mobility. With its comprehensive EV Charging solution and innovative services, has·to·be provides everything companies require to enjoy success in the field of EV Charging: from the scalable operation of charging infrastructure to the end-to-end management of worldwide mobility solutions.

More than 120 employees from ten nations work at the headquarters of has·to·be gmbh in the federal province of Salzburg and its offices in Munich and Vienna. 


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  1. be.ENERGISED dashboard figure as of May 1st 2021: 581,730,769 kilometers