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has·to·be eMSP system is accredited by Gireve

has·to·be has taken the next step towards a Europe-wide charging station coverage.

By striking a partnership with the French roaming platform Gireve and certifying the eMSP.OPERATION system for its network, has·to·be adds another 12,000 charging points to its portfolio.

A nationwide charging infrastructure is one of the decisive factors for the Europe-wide breakthrough of e-mobility. It is also essential for e-drivers that their vehicles can be charged easily and conveniently at any time and place. Anyone who inflicts several charging cards on customers to ensure comprehensive coverage will not survive in the competitive e-mobility market. has·to·be’s eMSP.OPERATION enables customers to refuel at thousands of locations, without roaming contracts or time-consuming billing involving charging station operators.

has·to·be expands Roaming Network

The has·to·be roaming network is adding 12,000 charging points until the end of 2019 by linking up with French roaming platform Gireve. Our eMSP.OPERATION customers can now utilise an even broader charging infrastructure without additional operational effort. has·to·be handles the entire billing process for the new charging stations connected via Gireve – for both the eMSP.OPERATION customer and the e-driver.


Gireve SAS is a joint venture between Caisse des Dépots, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, EDF, ERDF, and Renault. Founded by players from the French automotive, banking, and energy industries, it was launched in July 2013 to make public charging stations accessible and interoperable for all users of electric vehicles. Read more at

About has·to·be gmbh

has·to·be gmbh perceives itself as a turnkey solution provider in the ever-growing e-mobility market. The core product is be.ENERGISED, an integrated software solution for the operation of e-charging infrastructures and e-mobility services. The backend manages all charging activities between vehicles, charging stations, charging card providers, and energy suppliers. The 70-employee company with headquarters in Radstadt (Salzburg), as well as offices in Munich and Vienna, administers more than 16,000 charging points – mainly in Europe, but also worldwide.

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