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ARAL & has·to·be gmbh

Aral becomes has·to·be gmbh’s latest client.

Aral will have 500 ultra-fast EV charge points at over 120 locations by the end of 2021. This charging infrastructure will run on the be.ENERGISED software from has·to·be gmbh.

Aral, which leads the way in Germany’s gas station market and is BP’s fuel station brand in that country, continues to expand its EV charging business under the Aral pulse brand. It plans to have 500 charge points, with charging capacities of up to 350 Kilowatts, operational at over 120 Aral gas stations by the end of this year. On top of that, Aral is developing holistic commercial EV charging solutions for fleet clients using its Fuel & Charge Card. With its be.ENERGISED EV charging platform having gotten the nod for the job, has·to·be gmbh can now proudly claim Aral as its newest client.

Over 35,000 charge points are already directly connected to be.ENERGISED, which handles up to 25,000 charging sessions every day. This partnership is about the efficient operation of Aral’s fast-charging network, interoperability, and further EV charging solutions for fleet clients. Through its be.ENERGISED software, has·to·be gmbh provides charging infrastructure operation capabilities as well as further EV charging services such as inbound roaming via the be.ENERGISED COMMUNITY. The ultimate target is for EV charging at gas stations to become just as quick and easy as a traditional fuel stop.

Commenting on the collaboration, Aral’s Electrification Director for Germany Alexander Junge said: “has·to·be gmbh has developed just the right product as far as we’re concerned, and that’s because it’s flexible and modular. We can upgrade it or expand it any time with additional elements. On top of that, it’s reliable and the team has a strong client focus. We’ve found all of that to be a perfect combination for us.”

“Having Aral as a new client once again underscores our position in the EV charging market,” said has·to·be gmbh CEO Martin Klässner of the new partnership. “Our be.ENERGISED software for charging infrastructure operation had to beat off all our competitors in an intense tendering process – and it did exactly that. Now, we’re working flat-out to deliver a successful project for Aral.”

By downloading our white paper “EV Charging for Gas Stations“, you can find out how you can actively shape the mobility revolution by offering charging at your gas stations.

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