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Webinar “eMobility 2020 – Status Quo and Future Trends”

We’ve put together a one-hour webinar so you can get all caught up on the most significant developments and what they’ll likely mean for the future eMobility landscape. 

While we were in and out of lockdown, the UK announced a ban on combustion engine sales by 2030, the EU Commission raised its emission reduction target to at least 55% by 2030, and significant advances were made to the international standard, ISO 15118, and with it the next generation of Plug & Charge. While all that was going on, has·to·be gmbh continued to make great strides and celebrated another milestone with their 5 millionth successful charging session!

We’ll look at some of these developments and unpack what the implications could mean for you and your business operations. As we all look forward to 2021 with much hope of better times ahead, we’ll leave you with some of the has·to·be gmbh expert analysis on what to expect in the eMobility sector in the year to come.


  • Key advances in the eMobility sector in 2020. What happened? Major shifts and developments.
  • The pandemic and its impact on the eMobility industry. What are the effects and long term implications?
  • What eMobility goals has·to·be gmbh achieved in 2020 to ensure their customer’s success and market leadership?
  • The 2021 forecast: what can you expect to see in the eMobility sector in the year to come?

Important note: The webinar will be held in both German and English, but at different times. You will find more information at the registration!

The Experts:

Maximilian Huber

Auto industry strategist and leading has·to·be technical specialist.

Tobias Scharfen

Innovative technologies veteran in the digital signage industry and management consulting.

The Host: 

Andreas Blin

A master in making eMobility tangible, easy to understand and accessible for everyone.

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