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Easy charging for your employees

Convenient charging at company premises and throughout Europe

Easy charging of private employees’ eCars in the company car park

Offer your employees unlimited access to your corporate charging stations, as well as to a network of charging points across Europe, for their private eVehicles. has·to·be assumes all tasks to ensure that your employees can charge their eVehicles easily, swiftly, and conveniently at your company premises and beyond. has·to·be also handles the automated, legally compliant billing of your staff.


Convenient billing system for charging processes at company premises and on the road

Convenient charging for your employees via app

Access to pan-European charging station network at corporate tariffs possible

Plausibility check of your employees’ charging cycles

Employee.CHARGING – How it works

Simply define the charging tariffs for your employees’ private eVehicles and register it within the has·to·be system. Participating employees are asked to register for the employee charging programme online by providing their respective contact details and personnel numbers. Upon successful registration, participating employees are supplied with a free download of the Employee.CHARGING app.

Once the app is downloaded, employees can charge their private eVehicles at company premises at the defined employee tariffs. The simplified contract handling means you receive a collective credit note for your employees’ charging cycles at the defined tariffs once a month. Roaming transactions are also listed at the negotiated rates. The automated billing of your employees is handled by has·to·be. Once a month, your employees receive a VAT invoice for all individually amassed charging cycles.

Charging at company premises

Employees can charge private eVehicles at company premises with a corporate charging app.

Charging in a pan-European network

Employees can also charge their private eVehicles easily and swiftly with a corporate charging app.

Convenient billing process

has·to·be handles the billing process for you – all registered employees receive a monthly invoice for all amassed charging cycles at company premises and within the charging network.

Simplified settlement

Once a month, you receive a collective credit note for the charging cycles amassed by your employees at your pre-defined tariffs.

Your benefits

Charging of your employees’ private eVehicles at company premises possible

Employee.CHARGING by has-to-be enables companies to open the charging stations at the company car park for their employees for a fee.

Legally compliant billing of electricity costs for employees

The time-consuming billing and booking of the individual charging processes is carried out by has-to-be.

Reduction of administrative expenses – no adjustment of payroll accounting necessary

At the end of the month, the company receives a list of all charging processes of its employees and the income generated as a collective transfer. The time-consuming allocation and booking as a monetary advantage in payroll accounting is no longer necessary.

Additional incentive for your employees

The company offers its employees a valuable additional benefit and positions itself as an employee-friendly employer.

Additional Electromobility services from has·to·be


Provide perfect customer service at your charging stations. Our hotline operates on behalf of your company.


Your charging stations in the best hands: we ensure the optimal operation of your charging infrastructure.


You offer your customers clean electricity and we take care of the processing of CO2 certificates.

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