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Unlimited charging with be.ENERGISED

be.ENERGISED makes e-charging stations accessible to a wide range of customers and thus ensures their success. Whether you are a charging station operator or a mobility service provider, our goal is to open up your offers to as many customers as possible.

Roaming Network Access
The pre-condition for a successful offer

Our goal: Power for your customers!

Roaming.SERVICES ensures that drivers of e-cars can recharge at as many charging stations as possible – preferably with any charging card, with any contract and with any App. From this, you will benefit as a charging infrastructure operator and as a mobility service provider.


Enable your customers to recharge at charging stations that are managed by be.ENERGISED, or make your own charging stations available for other be.ENERGISED customers.

be.ENERGISED Community

Become part of a network with over 9,000 charging stations and enable customers from the community to recharge at your station for a fee. You only need to set your desired tariff and we do the rest!

Charging station operator or mobility service provider?
Roaming is worthwhile for both sides!

Roaming for Charging Stations Operators (CPO)

As a charging station operator, your main priority is to enable customers to recharge at your charging stations quickly and easily. With the roaming connections from be.ENERGISED, almost any driver can recharge with you, using either charging cards or an App.

You can set the fees for third-party customers in the tariff management of be.ENERGISED. The rest is done by the software fully automatically and sends the invoice to the respective mobility service provider on your behalf.

Should the mobility service provider also use be.ENERGISED, you can directly use the roaming hub of be.ENERGISED to connect and do not require additional licenses from other roaming networks. This saves you roaming charges and expenses.

Roaming for Mobility Service Providers (MSP)

As a provider of a charge card or mobility App, you want to enable your customers an unlimited charging at as many charging stations as possible. This is guaranteed with the integrated roaming services of be.ENERGISED. This allows your customers to recharge easily and almost anywhere.

You define the fee for charging at third-party charging stations in the tariff management of be.ENERGISED and thus easily charge this fee to your customers. If your e-drivers recharge at charging stations that are a part of the be.ENERGISED Roaming Hub, the CPO transfers the charging costs directly via the hub to your backend and be.ENERGISED takes over the automatic billing to your customer.

The invoice will be sent directly to the end user on your behalf.

Additional Products
with direct integration in be.ENERGISED


We can offer our products in your branding, thus remaining invisible.


The customer app for eMobility providers – 100% in your own brand design.


We open up your eMobility solution to as many customers as possible.


Make it easy for your customers to pay with PayPal or credit card – without any risk for you!


You define the selling price at your charging station and we take care of payment, roaming and marketing.


The Certified Partner Program guarantees the highest hardware compatibility with be.ENERGISED.

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