Prepaid.ACCOUNT Virtual Credit Account

Easy payment at your e-charging station

Do you want to offer your customers modern payment options (credit card, PayPal, SOFORT, etc.) without concluding contracts with each individual payment provider? This is exactly what Prepaid.ACCOUNT from has·to·be offers you. As a provider of charging solutions, you can rely on a comprehensive portfolio of payment services, but you do not have to conclude your own acceptance agreements.

This is how Prepaid.ACCOUNT works
Benefits for you and your charging customers

Minimising payment risks and creating trust

With Prepaid.ACCOUNT, your customers can use modern means of payment, such as credit card or PayPal, without any additional efforts for you as a provider of infrastructure. Customers simply load an amount of money into their virtual credit account and pay easily by credit card, direct transfer or PayPal. The processing of these transactions is handled by has·to·be. When recharging at your charging station, the customer pays using this credit. At the end of the month you receive the collected amounts from has·to·be. Completely without credit risk!

A solution with a future

More and more drivers are using e-charging stations outside their own garage. As a result, suppliers of charging infrastructure have higher amounts of electricity delivered and also the costs. In this situation, Prepaid.ACCOUNT from has·to·be is the ideal complement for you and your customers. You receive money for your services and can be sure that your customers will only incur costs if the prepaid account is covered. Your customers benefit from the convenience of online payment services, maintain full cost control, and enjoy direct integration with the App and customer portal.

Payment Guarantee

You are guaranteed to be reimbursed for the costs incurred by your customers.


Easy charging of credits with integrated PayPal payment function.

Credit Cards

Customers can conveniently charge the balance using the integrated credit card payment.

eDriver.APP Integration

The credit account is optionally integrated in the eDriver.APP from be.ENERGISED.

eDriver.PORTAL Integration

The credit account is optionally integrated in the eDriver.PORTAL from be.ENERGISED.

Additional Products
with direct integration in be.ENERGISED


We create our products in your corporate design and remain invisible.


The Customer App for Electromobility providers – completely in your corporate design.


The online customer portal for Electromobility providers with direct connection to be.ENERGISED.


Unlimited charging – we open up your eMobility solution to as many customers as possible.


Make it easy for your customers to pay with PayPal or credit card. With no risk to you!


The Certified Partner Program guarantees the highest hardware compatibility with be.ENERGISED.


You define the selling price at your charging station and we take care of payment, roaming and marketing.


So that everyone can recharge at your charging stations. Become part of a global network.


Everything you need to operate your charging stations – SIM cards, routers, certificates, and more.

Your goals are our challenge

With our invisible services, we make you a leader in the field of electric mobility.

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