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Technology & Accessories you can rely on

From the SIM card to the router – we provide you competently and reliably with the infrastructure you need to operate your charging stations. We take care of the delivery, installation and configuration of your products.

The best technology for your success!

An e-charging station must, in particular, operate efficiently and stably! That is why we attach great importance to the best service for accessories and technology. Each device is thoroughly tried and tested by us before being used by our customers. If there are problems in the operation, we are guaranteed not to leave you out in the rain. This way, you can concentrate fully on your core business.

Our services for your infrastructure

SIM cards

With the has·to·be SIM cards, your charging stations are directly connected to the operating be.ENERGISED system via a high security network.

  • managed in be.ENERGISED
  • pre-configured
  • can be used immediately

VPN certificates

Do you operate your own routers and need secure access to our network? No problem – we provide the appropriate VPN certificates.

  • managed in be.ENERGISED
  • available at any time via download from be.ENERGISED
  • scalable and can be used immediately


For the networking of many charging stations, you need a router that has been operationally tested. We supply you with the right device for the smooth operation of your charging stations.

  • pre-configured by our technicians
  • can be used immediately
  • expandable at any time

RFID cards

Do you offer your customers charging cards for easy and fast charging at your charging stations? We supply you with the right cards as per your desired number of pieces.

  • available with your own brand
  • different types available: cards, key rings, tokens, and more

QR codes

In order to enable your charging customers to activate the charging process simply by means of a QR scanner, we have high quality QR code labels for you. We supply the labels according to your needs with your logo and the respective payment options.

  • available with your own brand
  • individual symbol configuration for payment options
  • UV-resistant and well tested

Additional Products
with direct integration in be.ENERGISED


We can offer our products in your branding, thus remaining invisible.


The customer app for eMobility providers – 100% in your own brand design.


We open up your eMobility solution to as many customers as possible.


Make it easy for your customers to pay with PayPal or credit card – without any risk for you!


You define the selling price at your charging station and we take care of payment, roaming and marketing.


The Certified Partner Program guarantees the highest hardware compatibility with be.ENERGISED.

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