Hassle-free charging at your e-charging stations

Available for your customers around the clock

The best service for your customers

Fast and reliable customer service is crucial for your success in eMobility. With the has·to·be eDriver.HOTLINE we ensure the best support at your charging stations. Our qualified support staff are there for your customers around the clock, and respond on behalf of your company. Just as if it were your own customer service.

How we take care of the satisfaction of your charging customers

Problems at the charging station

A driver has problems at your charging station and needs support.

Driver contacts

Our support staff are there for your customers around the clock, and respond on behalf of your company.

Instant support at the charging station

By remote access, we solve most of your customers' problems in a blink of an eye – whether it is the payment, the charging process or the vehicle.

Included Services

Remote Suport

Our employees can remotely control your charging stations and start charging processes.

Round-the-clock accessibility

Our hotline is there 24/7 for your customers.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Level Support

Should a problem not be able to be solved on the telephone, we will take care of informing a service technician.


We offer direct assistance in all desired languages.


You will receive regular reports on all calls and messages from your customers.


Our employees have access to a comprehensive knowledgebase on vehicles and charging stations.

Additional Electromobility services from has·to·be


Provide perfect customer service at your charging stations. Our hotline operates on behalf of your company.


Your charging stations in the best hands: we ensure the optimal operation of your charging infrastructure.


You offer your customers clean electricity and we take care of the processing of CO2 certificates.

Your goals are our challenge

With our invisible services, we make you a leader in the field of electric mobility.

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