White Label eDriver.APP: Premium Charging Experience for costumers
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The eDriver.APP for a Premium Charging Experience

Convenient charging as a premium service for your customers. The white label eDriver.APP impresses above all with performance, intuitive usability, and features that take your customers’ eMobility experience to a new level. This ensures that charging will be even easier in the future.

The eDriver.APP is an optional module of the be.ENERGISED eMobility platform. Individualise the app according to the “look & feel” of your company and expand your service range with an eMobility service that emphasises the charging experience of your customers.

A White Label eMobility Service in Your Corporate Design

Your own app completes your eMobility portfolio comprehensively and ties your customers to your services, because they receive all they need from a single source.

Do you have concrete ideas concerning the appearance of your eDriver.APP? The white label solution offers a wide range of individualisation options for your company. Your logo, your colours – the app is designed in your corporate design and thus becomes a service product of your company. It is, of course, compatible with the two common operating systems iOS and Android.

Know, Win, and Retain Customers With a Single App

The premium eDriver.APP allows you to develop your customer base, tie your customers to your company, and even learn more about them, because all data sets, including those derived from individual charging patterns, remain in your hands. Engage and reach new target groups with your augmented eMobility service offering that provides a superior charging experience, and benefit from independent customer data management and analysis.

Elevate the eMobility Experience to the Next Level

The white label eDriver.APP impresses above all with performance, intuitive usability, and features that take your customers’ eMobility experience to a new level. Your customers perceive the charging experience as a strong eMobility service provided by your company. Benefit from satisfied customers and professionalise your services in the eMobility sector.

For a Premium Charging Experience

What your customer can look forward to…


Simple payment

Detailed information
about charging stations

configuration options

Charging station monitoring
and status push notifications

Charge log

Filter and
search function

Charge log initiation
via QR code

The eDriver.APP That Delivers Value

Benefit from satisfied customers…

Enhanced eMobility Services in the “Look & Feel” of Your Company

Your own app completes your eMobility portfolio comprehensively and ties your customers to your services, because they receive all they need from a single source. Customise the app according to your requirements – logo and primary colours of your company are included.

Would you like more branding? You can optionally purchase additional customisations in your corporate design.

Roaming Service & COMMUNITY

The roaming services enable you to offer your customers access to the largest charging network in Europe.  This greatly enhances the quality of your customers’ overall charging experience. COMMUNITY allows you to open your charging stations to additional customers, thus profiting financially due to an expanding customer base.

Finding Charging Stations

Find available charging stations in the vicinity at a glance and navigate to the charging point… 

The ability to locate a free charging station on the road at any time, and be navigated directly to it is a service you should definitely offer your customers. Additional detailed information on the respective charging station, such as a capacity trend, helps your customers to optimise their individual charging experience in advance. 

If your customers prefer specific charging stations, they can monitor them and are informed about their status via push notifications. 

Charging eVehicles

Start and stop the charge log easily via a QR code directly in the app… 

Charging has never been this easy. The charge log is started by scanning the charging station’s QR code with the in-app scanner and selecting the payment method/tariff. Once the eVehicle is charged, the user pays via the app. The charging progress can be tracked in the app. Information on charging capacity, charging time, and costs are provided in real time. Sufficiently charged? One click is all it takes to stop the charge log. 

Simple Payment Process

It has never been easier for your customers to pay for charging… 

All charge logs can be comfortably settled directly in the app on a smartphone. Upon registration in the app, the desired payment method is specified – that’s it. A charge log history and invoice archive ensures that your customers have access to a real-time overview of their individual charging costs. Direct payment is always possible, even without an existing contract. 

The be.ENERGISED eMobility Platform – A Reliable Partner

be.ENERGISED facilitates an efficient management of your charging infrastructure in real-time. If you are interested in using the eDriver.APP, our be.ENERGISED software is employed to manage your eMobility services. You always maintain an excellent overview and have access to all important data in real time – how much electricity has been used by your customers, how many charging stations are in use, or whether a service call needs to be arranged. This is charging infrastructure management at its best. 

These providers already trust in our product…

Price Overview of eDriver.APP Customisation Options

Logo embedding
Your logo is embedded in the splash screen and app menu 

Configuration of (2) main colours
Colour customisation of the app to match your CI by selecting two main colours

App icon
Design and integration of an individual app icon

App Store/Play Store presence
Release of your app in the respective iOS and Android stores 

App costs


€ 9.850

Optional Customisation

Adaptation of illustrations and icons
Customisation of icons and illustrations to match your CI 

Individual font
Integration of your corporate font 

Animation of charging screen
Charging animation in “look & feel” of your company 

Text adaptations
Customisation of text modules to suit your requirements 

Additional costs for optional customisation


+ € 25.500

Plus running costs per month per app for support and operation:

Active users


€ 450

1.001 – 5.000

€ 750

5.001 – 10.000

€ 1.500

> 10.001

€ 2.500

Design and/or features are subject to change without notice.

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