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So that everyone can charge with you.

Open your charging stations to third parties and get the maximum out of your infrastructure. With no cost or hassle!

COMMUNITY is a free software feature that you can activate in the backend of be.ENERGISED for your charging stations. You simply define the desired tariff for which third-party customers can recharge at your charging station. has·to·be takes care of the marketing via the COMMUNITY network.


  • Easy to activate separately in the application and for each charging station
  • More than 640 compatible charging station types
  • Publish your charging stations in popular forums & web portals
  • Provision your stations in international roaming networks
  • Non-discriminatory access with flexible payment options
  • All-round carefree billing service

This is how you benefit from COMMUNITY

The free COMMUNITY software function is the ideal complement for operators of one or more charging stations.

Contract-Free Payment

Customers can pay at your charging stations online with PayPal or credit card. Easy with a smartphone and QR code scan.

Easy Charging Station Management

At any time, you can keep track of all the charging processes, charged energy (kWh) and charging times. There is also an export function for all charging data.

Automatic Marketing

With COMMUNITY, your charging station is listed via our interfaces in many common power station directories and charging station finder platforms. Thanks to the real-time status display, users can see whether a charging station is free or busy.

Automatic Billing

COMMUNITY manages the billing of the third-party charging processes. At the end of the month, you receive a transparent invoice for all charging operations.

Secure Data Connection

be.ENERGISED is operated by has·to·be on secure servers. The data centres are independently operated for redundancy and are certified according to ISO 27001, ISAE3402, ISO 9001 and PCI-DSS.

Roaming: Open to All

The charging process can be activated using an existing third-party charging card or an App from a vehicle power provider. The billing is carried out fully automatically by has·to·be.

Versatile and Compatible

COMMUNITY works with all compatible charging stations that are online capable (OCCP 1.5 +).

The connection is made via our be.ENERGISED SIM card that interacts in a secure network.

No Risk of Default

COMMUNITY is 100 percent risk free for you! The payment default risk is handled by has·to·be.

No Risk of Default

COMMUNITY is risk-free! The payment default risk is handled by be.ENERGISED.

Easy Handling

The QR Code sticker allows all third-party charging customers (roaming) to charge and pay directly via mobile devices at your charging stations.
You will receive one fee-based QR code sticker per charging point.

How does the COMMUNITY work?

Here you will find a step-by-step guide to activating the COMMUNITY.

Who can charge at COMMUNITY charging stations?

Here you will find a visualisation of the access possibilities of the COMMUNITY.

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Your goals are our challenge

With our invisible services, we make you a leader in the field of electric mobility.

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