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So that everyone can charge with you

With the Community.APP you automatically become part of a network with over 9,000 charging points. Third-party charging customers can use the App to charge at your infrastructure for a fee. The amounts will be credited automatically to you at the end of the month by has·to·be. So, you get the maximum out of your infrastructure and don’t have to worry about anything.

This is what the Community.APP offers you
Benefit from the has·to·be network

Win customers for your charging infrastructure

Why not make your own charging stations available to other customers, when you can make money with it without much effort? The Community.APP from has·to·be gives charging infrastructure operators exactly this option. The App offers your customers:

  • QR code scanner for quick access to charging stations
  • Direct payment options with credit card & PayPal
  • Route directions to the nearest charging station

Charging Station Finder

The integrated charging station finder shows all charging stations that are in the be.ENERGISED community and the current status and tariffs of the charging station.

Route Directions

The charging customer finds their way to your charging station directly via the navigation function of Google Maps on their smartphone.

QR Code Scanner

At each station, users will find a QR code,
which they scan with the App to call up detailed information on the charging point.

Direct Payment

Customers pay simply and directly by credit card or PayPal. Charging takes place at the rates you define for your stations.

Secure Login

Using the login, users can personalise the App to their needs and securely enter their payment data.

be.ENERGISED Community Network

With the App, users have access to all stations that are in the be.ENERGISED community, and thus also to yours!

On request, in your Look & Feel
The Community.APP with your logo

Community.APP with company logo for your customers

Do you want to address your customers under your name, but the development and implementation of a complete whitelable App doesn't fit your business model? Then take the chance to refine our Community.APP with your company logo.

In this way, your customers connect the App with your business while you save on development costs and don't have to worry about maintenance or billing.

Additional Products
with direct integration in be.ENERGISED


We can offer our products in your branding, thus remaining invisible.


The customer app for eMobility providers – 100% in your own brand design.


We open up your eMobility solution to as many customers as possible.


Make it easy for your customers to pay with PayPal or credit card – without any risk for you!


You define the selling price at your charging station and we take care of payment, roaming and marketing.


The Certified Partner Program guarantees the highest hardware compatibility with be.ENERGISED.

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