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Your eCharging stations in the best hands

We ensure the optimal operation of your charging infrastructure

The best service for your charging station

Do you have one or more e-charging stations in operation and are looking for the ideal service for the operation including maintenance and monitoring? Then, you are in exactly the right place with the unique “Chargepoint.OPERATION" service from has·to·be.
We deliver a secure and reliable monitoring of charging stations. This covers everything from the 24/7 monitoring of electric charging stations, via remotely error correction and up to the management of updates. In short, we make sure that your charging network is stable, and your customers are satisfied – while you can concentrate on your core business.

Chargepoint.OPERATION – That's how it works

How has·to·be handles the operation of your charging stations

24/7 Charging Station Monitoring

So that your charging network is stable around the clock.

Firmware Updates

We keep your charging stations up-to-date.

Diagnosis & Troubleshooting

We get your charging network up and running – fast & reliable.

24/7 Monitoring of your charging stations

We monitor your charging network around the clock – 24 hours, 7 days a week. Here, we keep a close eye on the operation and check to ensure that everything is running stably and without interruption.

The 2nd-Level Support from has·to·be continuously looks after the equipment and in the case of errors, reacts with diagnosis and resolution even before your customers realise there is a problem. Guaranteed response times ensure fast solutions in the event of operating faults.

E-charging station firmware updates

We make sure that your electric charging station is always up to date. Using remote maintenance, firmware updates are carried out by our technical specialists in a timely manner.

Diagnosis & Error Correction

With our service, you can expect a reliable operation for your charging station network. The processing of initial diagnosis of problems at the charging station and the automated error correction using pre-defined processes guarantee fast reaction times when needed.

The specially trained experts from the has·to·be Support Team look after affected e-charging stations remotely and can re-start them immediately. Should a technician be required on-site, the technical contact partner will be informed by us as soon as possible.

Chargepoint.OPERATION – You can count on these services

Preventative operation

We are constantly reviewing and acting before your customers find fault.

24/7 Hardware Monitoring

Around-the-clock monitoring via has·to·be’s 2nd-level support.

Automatic Troubleshooting

Automated troubleshooting using pre-defined processes.

Error Diagnosis

Conducting the initial diagnosis in case of problems at your charging station.

Remote Fault Correction

Our staff can remotely control your charging stations and start charging processes.

Firmware Updates

Installation of firmware updates via remote maintenance.

Your advantages

You save …

Personnel costs

No ongoing wage costs, holiday strand-ins, staff recruitment.

Ongoing training costs

Trust in the know-how of your competent partner has·to·be.

Infrastructure costs

No additional workstations, computer equipment.

You win …

Stability & Security

for your charging network.

customer Satisfaction

thanks to high availability.


to focus on your core business.



When is Chargepoint.OPERATIONS the correct solution for my business?

The Chargepoint.OPERATIONS service is ideal for all businesses that operation multiple charging stations and who are looking for a reliable operation with the least possible working effort and costs. Thanks to the 24/7 hardware monitoring, automated error diagnosis and resolution as well as the installation of updates by has·to·be, you can sit back and relax. You are guaranteed that your charging stations are continuously in operation and that your costs, operating effort and any potential reputational loss through long non-operation times are a thing of the past. This covers both public charging infrastructure and company internal infrastructure.

What is included in the Chargepoint.OPERATIONS service?

This unique electromobility service from has·to·be covers every single registered charging station with a constant operational monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there is any kind of problem with the charging station, our technical experts have instant remote access and can either resolve the problem directly or if necessary, organise for a technician to be on-site. Last but not least, this service also automates the installation of firmware updates for your charging infrastructure.

How many charging stations can I use the service with?

You can register every certified charging station for this service.


What happens when a problem cannot be resolved by remote maintenance?

In the case of a technical error on the charging station which cannot be resolved remotely by our specialists, we organise for a technician to be present on-site.

Who sends the technician on-site?

This is called by the owner of the charging station, if a remote troubleshooting should not be possible, we inform the mentioned technician.

Are there reports on the operation service?

Reports are available on request.

Technology & Security

How is data protection handled in the Chargepoint.OPERATIONS service?

All data protection relevant requirements are regulated in the operational agreement.

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Provide perfect customer service at your charging stations. Our hotline operates on behalf of your company.


Your charging stations in the best hands: we ensure the optimal operation of your charging infrastructure.


You offer your customers clean electricity and we take care of the processing of CO2 certificates.

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