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Backend component for type-testing certificates

A technical backend is required to carry out type-testing certificates in order to prove the necessary invoicing. The Certification.TOOLKIT contains all the functions and services that you need as a manufacturer to carry out the type-testing certification for charging devices from the backend view.

We provide you all the backend-side requirements for type-testing

be.ENERGISED Backend
Technical Backend for Type-testing

As a manufacturer of charging devices, you must carry out a so-called type-testing of the charging station for calibration-compliant invoicing in Germany. With the resulting type-testing certificate, you can, in conjunction with a transparency software and a suitable backend system, allow your customers to have a calibration-compliant invoicing based on time and kilowatts (depending on the design).

In order to carry out the type-testing, you need a backend system that records the charging processes, evaluates them for price and provides the data to the transparency software. This means that a Testing Institute is able to verify and certify the entire process. For the subsequent operation, of course, any other backend system is also accepted.With the be.ENERGISED Certification Instance, has·to·be provides an instance that is optimised for carrying out type-testing by testing institutes. The necessary tariff and rights configurations have already been made, and the data evaluation and recording is technically implemented. You only have to set up an access for the testing institute to start the type-testing.

Transparency Software
For carrying out measurement tests

With the help of the transparency software, you are able to check the measured values, recorded by the charging device and given a digital signature, to verify their accuracy. Thus, you can prove to the testing institute that the recording, signature and transmission of the measured values satisfies the requirements of the calibration regulations. In addition, the transparency software offers you the possibility to check the measured values automatically, so that they can also meet the requirements for mass inspection of measured values.The transparency software from has·to·be has its own testing and is already used by many manufacturers. With the acquisition of the Certification.TOOLKIT you will receive a license for the transparency software, which you can put into circulation together with your charging stations without any further costs.

SIM Cards and Data Connections

In the course of the type-testing, you must prove to the test institute you operate a secure data connection and that the connection between the charging station and the backend cannot be compromised. For this, we provide you, for the duration of test execution as well as the preparation, applicable SIM cards from the has·to·be data pool as well as VPN certificates, so that you can fully comply with the implementation requirements.

Support with User Documentation

In the course of the type-testing, you as a manufacturer must attach a procedural instruction and submit it to the CPO, which describes the correct implementation, how digitally signed measured values can be generated, transmitted and verified. We support you with our templates when creating the appropriate documentation and provide the transparency software to the end user applications on our online platforms. This enables them to access the user documentation digitally and thus provides with the documentation required by law.

Accompanying Advice

Our experts support you during the entire process in an advisory capacity. You will receive a personal contact who supports you in the type-testing in connection with the backend system, as well as the transparency software and provides you with the necessary information.

In addition, you will benefit from our experience in supporting manufacturers in the context of type testing. Foreign manufacturers in particular benefit from our activities in the respective standardisation bodies, along with our knowledge of how the German calibration law requirements are to be interpreted, implemented and documented.

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