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be.ENERGISED is the leading one-stop solution for the operation of eCharging infrastructure.

We can provide a high level of service to our customers because of the be.ENERGISED platform by using features like 24/7 hotline and station monitoring. What I like about the platform is that when we want to partner with other MSPs and CPOs, we can directly connect via OCPI or by using the be.ENERGISED Community. That level of flexibility and scalability make it easy for us to operate and expand while providing a painless customer experience.

Anthony Piggott
Founder & Technical Director of Elmtronics & Hubsta UK

About Elmtronics Ltd.

Elmtronics are the UK’s leading electric car charging company and also the largest electric vehicle installer of charging points in the country. They specialise in public charging stations, as well as electric car charging points at home and for business. As a reliable EV charging company, they provide electric vehicle charging solutions to a variety of industries. These include some of the UK’s largest councils, NHS Trusts, and household name brands.

Grafik für Transparenzsoftware für eichrechtskonforme Ladestationen, transparence software electromobility product

Cross-Manufacturer Transparency Software

Within the framework of the S.A.F.E Initiative, has·to·be and ebee are developing cross-manufacturer transparency software for eMobility. The application will allow you to run signature tests for digital measured values, as required by the calibration regulations.

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