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The one-stop billing software for new eMobility providers

be.ENERGISED Pay-as-you-Go is a holistic solution for the operation of eCharging stations. One that will smooth your path into the world of eMobility. The billing software handles every task involved in managing charging stations, allowing you to promote your eMobility service and earn money from day one. By taking on the operational workload, be.ENERGISED lets you concentrate on your core business.

Essential Features

How be.ENERGISED Pay-as-you-Go radically simplifies your move into eMobility

Carefree Charging Park Operation

Investing in eMobility is a profitable endeavour – especially if you have an efficiently managed charging infrastructure. be.ENERGISED, the leading platform for eMobility, allows you to operate your charging park with convenience and ease. If your infrastructure requirements grow, the platform simply grows with you. This is done by means of modular solutions. It’s infrastructure management at its most efficient.

A single, complete software

Be.ENERGISED is a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of eCharging stations. That means you only require a single product to manage your eMobility offer. Saying goodbye to multiple programmes means you save money on training, as well as on licenses and interfaces.

Customised tariff management

Our platform’s flexible tariff management allows you to specify pricing that best suits your business model. From time-dependent tariffs to flat rates, your options are limitless.

Automated charge log billing

Stay abreast of all charge logs and keep an eye on the corresponding bills. Accurate, automated billing records are provided on a monthly basis, saving you time and money.

Your One-Stop eMobility Solution

be.ENERGISED offers every function you need to manage your eCharging stations.

Infrastructure management

Automated billing

User administration

Compliance with calibration regulations

CO2 certificate compensation

Optional add-ons


Station marketing

Integrated roaming interfaces

CRM data management

The Dashboard: Always Up-To-Date

The dashboard ensures that you’re always fully informed about the charging infrastructure you operate. A single page gives you all the relevant data: how much electricity your customers are consuming, how many charging stations are in use, or whether a service call needs to be arranged. This information is always at your fingertips!

With this data provided in real time, be.ENERGISED allows you to manage your charging infrastructure as economically as possible.

Flexible Tariff Structure

Would you like to provide your employees with free electricity for their company vehicles while at the same time generating revenue by charging customers? No problem. The platform’s flexible tariff management lets you specify the price plans that best suit your business model. From daytime-dependent tariffs to flat rates, your options are limitless. Structure your pricing – and any corresponding charge log bills – in line with your business model.

Comprehensive Group-Based User Management

eMobility is in constant flux. This means the roles of your system’s internal users are continuously changing. be.ENERGISED ensures you retain full, round-the-clock control over them and their rights within the system. For instance, you can group specific users or departments according to their current access requirements, then adjust these in one move.

This reduces task complexity for your employees, while minimising operating errors and training costs.

Additional Products

Also included in the be.ENERGISED Pay-as-you-Go Package


Offer your customers access to Europe’s largest charging network

Your customers will have access to more than 130,000 charging stations throughout Europe. has·to·be handles the automated billing – and one contract covers everything!


Open your charging stations to the public

Make the most of your charging infrastructure by unlocking your charging stations for third-party customers. This function can be activated for your charging park via the be.ENERGISED backend. You determine the relevant customer tariffs. Meanwhile, you’ll also benefit from promotion in our COMMUNITY network – meaning you’ll appear on all the most popular charging station locator platforms.

Optional Extras for Charging Park Management

Choose from has·to·be’s various additional eMobility services. We don’t force you into anything you don’t need!


We look after your charging station around the clock

This option makes operating your charging station even easier. Once activated, our profile charging point service takes over monitoring and diagnostic duties. Errors are automatically detected and resolved. We also provide you with a 24/7 eMobility hotline. In other words, your charging station takes care of itself while you concentrate on your core business!

24/7 Charging Point Service

Automated firmware updates ensure that your charging station is always up-to-date.

Our service assumes the 24/7 monitoring and diagnosis of your charging station. We automatically detect errors and resolve them for you. We also carry out regular firmware updates, ensuring that your charging station is always technologically fresh.

8/5 Second Level Support

Our has·to·be support team handles your questions

This service, available during regular business hours, affords you the opportunity to get assistance with any issues or questions.




Monthly fixed cost

Further price information can be found at the end of the list.

Charging processes
Charging station management
RFID & authentication media
< 10.000 RFID Cards
Rate & tariff management
Account Documents
Exports Manual
Number of currencies 1
Number of countries 1
API Interface
Sub-CPO / Sub-Client Only affiliated companies
Mobile App
Audit Log
Bulk Operations
Ad hoc Payment by creditcard/PayPal
CPO Crediting process
Bilateral roaming interfaces (e.g. Hubject)
Site management
Chargepoint.OPERATION Optional € 35,00 / Charging Station / Month
360.SUPPORT € 10,00 / Charging Station / Month
8/5 Second Level Support € 2,00 / Min
Second Level Support off-time (24/7)
Personal technician
Personal salesperson
Charge Point Operaton Desk
Site 2 Site VPN Gateway
Cost per Charge Point / Month € 15,00
Cost per User / Month 1: € 0
2-n: € 25,00
Fee per invoice € 4,50
Tariff management turnover revenue share 4,50 %
All prices exclude VAT. Prices subject to change without notice.

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