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be.ENERGISED offers you these functions

Get more out of your charging network with these be.ENERGISED functions:


  • Charging processes
  • Charging stations
  • Asset management
  • Identification media

Predictive Analytics

  • High performance database
  • Customer statistics
  • Infrastructure statistics
  • Graphic data analysis forecasts
  • Simple data interpretation


  • Enterprise contacts
  • Personal contacts
  • Contract management


  • Intelligent helpdesk search
  • Ticket management
  • Caller documentation
  • Cost control
  • Charging station remote control

CO2 Certficate Compensation

  • Certification for stations & cards
  • Charging power certificates
  • Certification documentation


  • Offers – NEW
  • Outgoing invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Tariff management
  • Prepaid accounts
  • Transaction checking

Additional Tools

  • Charging station finder
  • White Label Customer App
  • White Label Customer Portal CPO Maintenance App

User Management

  • Client management
  • Group management
  • Enterprise management
  • Single user Management

Station Marketing

  • Google Place Export
  • GeoJSON Export
  • Going Electric
  • Cirantic
  • OpenChargeMap …


  • Roaming Partner Management
  • InterCharge Network
  • be.ENERGISED Community
  • Plugsurfing
  • be.ENERGISED Hub
  • upstream
  • next level mobility
  • sunhill technologies

OCPP Support

  • OCPP 1.2, 1.5, 1.6 & 2.01 (core profile)
  • Remote configuration
  • Remote control
  • Firmware update
  • Reservations
  • Load management


Your entire charging network at a glance!

In the infrastructure area, you monitor and manage the whole system – from individual charging stations to log data to your customers’ identification media. The backend takes all eventualities into account. You also get data from your stations in real time, along with the ability to control them via remote maintenance.

Predictive Analytics

Stay informed with smart data evaluation

be.ENERGISED is equipped with a high-performance database and collects all relevant information around the daily use of your charging stations. This allows reliable predictions regarding power consumption, user behaviour and much more. To help you find your way, be.ENERGISED provides graphical data analysis and understandable interpretations.


The complete customer overview

Your customer data is extremely valuable. Efficient data management, however, is even more important – whether it’s for individual customers or entire companies. be.ENERGISED allows you to link end user profiles to the data from your charging infrastructure. In this way, be.ENERGISED manages your entire eMobility business without you needing any additional CRM software. This reduces licensing costs and training expenses in your company.


Cutting edge customer service

Hotline staff have access to all the information needed to solve charging station problems both quickly and efficiently. Call documentation, ticket management, cost accounting and other functions are also integrated into the Hotline.

CO2 Certificate Management

Combining innovation and sustainability

If you decide to use our CO2 Compensation Service, you’ll only need to glance at the backend to see all the data from the CO2 certificates collected for your charging operations. These certificates can be registered on charging cards or charging stations. With this service you always have complete certificate documentation.


All your billing tools in one place

You’ll find all the data relevant to billing in the accounting area. This is where you can manage offers, invoices and credit notes. Using the tariff management function, you can also define the prices end customers and roaming business users pay for charging at your stations. Other functions include managing your optional prepaid credit accounts and checking your transactions with the plausibility monitor.

User Management

Easy control of rights and permissions

Organise your users into groups and allocate different permissions as required. This functionality allows you to easily manage rights for entire companies or departments. Individual customer management is also possible of course!

Station Marketing

Get visibility and make money

This is the section where you’ll find all the information relevant to the direct connection of your charging network to external portals. be.ENERGISED makes your charging stations visible on our partner platforms, which include,, Going Electric and many more. The use of GeoJSON data also allows you to export and transmit to navigation providers or services such as Google Places.


Get more out of your network

be.ENERGISED delivers direct interfaces for the most important roaming connections. This makes roaming networks such as Intercharge, Gireve or Ladenetzt available to you at any time. With be.ENERGISED Hub Roaming, you can also allow your end customer access to other stations in the be.ENERGISED community or make your network available to other charging customers.

OCPP Support

Technical standards you can rely on

be.ENERGISED uses the OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) communication standard to exchange information between the charging station and the backend. The following types are supported: OCPP 1.2, 1.5, 1.6 & 2.01 (core profile) SOAP/JSON is also supported.

Additional Tools

Flexible options built for direct integration

You can expand the power of your be.ENERGISED platform by adding optional functions at any time. Tools such as the eDriver.APP or the CPO Maintenance App connect seamlessly to be.ENERGISED and are available on a White Label basis on request.

Additional Products
with direct integration in be.ENERGISED


We can offer our products in your branding, thus remaining invisible.


The customer app for eMobility providers – 100% in your own brand design.


We open up your eMobility solution to as many customers as possible.


Make it easy for your customers to pay with PayPal or credit card – without any risk for you!


You define the selling price at your charging station and we take care of payment, roaming and marketing.


The Certified Partner Program guarantees the highest hardware compatibility with be.ENERGISED.