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Numbers & Facts

Icon be.ENERGISED angebundene Ladepunkte
25.000 +
directly connected charging points
Icon Angebundene Roaming Ladestationen
175.000 +
Roaming charging points connected
Icon Kundenverträge
350.000 +
managed customer contracts
Icon kompatible Ladestationen
640 +
compatible charging stations

be.ENERGISED Recognised as Leading in All Areas

The cloud platform satisfies all current requirements for the management of charging stations and display of eMobility services – it grows in line with new challenges automatically and flexibly.

be.ENERGISED does not require compromises!

The emergence of eCars is not merely revolutionising the automotive industry, but also the mobility behaviour of each individual – and thus the market’s services and business models. Sustainable mobility is being reinvented with new mobility concepts arising. Charging infrastructures are being created and networked solutions are being devised. Companies entering the market have a perspective, a clear concept, and sufficient motivation, but the long-term development of eMobility remains far too dynamic at present. It is crucial to rely on a platform that is capable of reflecting every market development, ensures a flexible adaptation to future developments, and grows in line with future requirements.

“With be.ENERGISED, we rely on a platform that is guaranteed to solve all
technical requirements, meaning we can concentrate fully
on the customer experience.”

Thorsten Nicklaß, CEO
Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH

User interface of electro mobility software

CRM & Customer Experience

Administrate your customers and contact data with the be.ENERGISED platform, and allow your customers to use connected services via mobile applications, customer portals, and interfaces.

Billing & Payment

The be.ENERGISED platform creates fully automated invoices for charge logs and transmits them to your customers. Naturally, in your name and with your branding, as customer relationships remain completely in your hands.

ERP & Tariff Management

The most comprehensive tariff management system on the market allows you to flexibly define individual tariffs, billing models and offers. Furthermore, you can automatically bill components such as RFID cards directly to your customers via the platform.

Use be.ENERGISED software to manage your charging stations

Charge Point Management

The management and monitoring of charging stations is a core component. With over seven years of experience in infrastructure management, all requirements related to the operation of charging stations are fully satisfied.

Roaming & Interoperability

The be.ENERGISED platform is connected technologically to all roaming platforms and features direct connections to many operators. Interoperability, accessibility networks, and a multitude of API interfaces ensure open use of the platform in all areas of application.

GDPR, Calibration Regulations, and Plug & Charge

An integrated GDPR dashboard adds transparency to your customer relationships and supports you in meeting your legal obligations. All calibration law requirements are met by a fully automated measured value test. We already implement Plug & Charge efficiently in a number of projects today!

The Key Advantages

In addition to approximately 1,000 other features, the following advantages
in particular advocate the long-term use of be.ENERGISED:

Flexibility & Automation

be.ENERGISED provides a swiftly deployable software platform that can be modularly adapted to meet changing market conditions. Automated billing processes effectively reduce the internal use of resources.

Internationality & Compliance

be.ENERGISED was developed to manage international and cross-border projects. Even today, we already meet all requirements regarding sales tax, different currencies, and a variety of languages in one platform.

Hardware Neutrality

We are compatible with all charging stations available in Europe – we also guarantee compatibility with new models. This means you can rest assured that all future hardware applications will always function with be.ENERGISED!

Customer Data Sovereignty

All data managed within the platform remains yours. This includes the whole customer relationship management process. We take care that everything works flawlessly. The customer and all associated advantages remain exclusively in your hands.

100% White Label

Your customers will never see us. It is your business case, as we act as a white label provider in the background – in your branding. This allows you to successfully position yourself and your brand, and to secure a long-term, successful position in the market.

Pricing Flexibility

It is important to us that your business case works. We can only grow together. Therefore, be.ENERGISED offers sufficient flexibility to scale in line with your individual business case. Even if your application case does not match the standard price model: Just contact us!

Flexible and Scalable for
All Areas of Application

We have managed to consolidate all areas of eMobility application in a single platform. By trusting in the be.ENERGISED platform, you can flexibly implement all future business models.

Charge your eCar at home

Charging at Home

Monitoring of the charging station at home

Integration into load management systems

Reimbursement by the employer for electricity used for charging
the company car at home

Charging of employees private eCars

Charging at Work

Billing of charge logs of your employees private vehicles

Access to the charging infrastructure for your customers and visitors

Convenient charging and easy analysis of your own company fleet

Charge your e-fleet all over Europe

Charging on the Road

Charging service for your customers providing a unique charging
experience anywhere in Europe

Flexible charging option for your company fleet anywhere in Europe

Central billing and analysis per cost centre in your SAP solution

be.ENERGISED – The Backbone of eMobility

As an eMobility platform, be.ENERGISED combines all use cases (CPO/CSO or MSP) in a single solution. In addition, the platform provides all necessary information to operate profitably in the form of intelligent reports, analyses, and AI-based decision criteria. These have been developed based on more than seven years of experience and have been continuously refined. This is particularly evident in the comprehensive technical database, which translates error messages from charging stations into simple, easy-to-understand messages for users. This creates security, boosts efficiency, and ensures stable operation.

However, the be.ENERGISED platform is not merely the ideal choice for charging station management. With the integration of a multitude of features for mapping mobility offers, the platform provides the foundation for the development of individual use cases for new mobility services – both for your own infrastructure and for roaming applications that allow access to all European charging stations.

Our experience from more than 500 international projects is reflected in the be.ENERGISED mobility platform. We have helped shape the market.

Industry Leaders Rely on be.ENERGISED

Leading industry providers have relied on be.ENERGISED for years. Major infrastructure operators such as IONITY, EWE Go, e-Wald, and digital energy solutions, as well as many other regional providers, have been our customers for many years. Similarly, the worlds largest players in the retail, energy supply, telecommunications, and German automotive industries have always relied on be.ENERGISED to integrate business-critical components.

You too can become a successful provider
in the eMobility ecosystem!

We can assist you in making your business case successful, scalable, and profitable. Discover the possibilities created for a new customer experience and rely on the industry platform offering the highest level of integrated compliance, legal security, and flexibility – as well as more than seven years of experience.

Your goals are our challenge

With our invisible services, we make you a leader in the field of electric mobility.

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