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Find out how oil and gas companies can play an active role in shaping the mobility turnaround by offering EV charging at fueling stations and benefiting from one of the most prosperous income sources of the future.

Contents of this White Paper

Your comprehensive white paper on “eMobility in the Oil & Gas Sector."

The ongoing electrification of vehicles is transforming the world of mobility and the future business of global oil & gas companies, are already making significant charging infrastructure investments.

  • Ready for the transition? Where does the oil & gas sector stand today?
  • Major challenges and requirements of oil & gas companies towards climate-neutral mobility.
  • Opportunities: how to increase sales and make charging at filling stations one of the strongest sources of income.

Further current insights that are moving the oil & gas industry summed up.

Use this knowledge and advance the direction of eMobility.

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White Paper, “eMobility in the Oil & Gas Sector".

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