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What Businesses need to know when switching to electric fleets.

Your Comprehensive White Paper: EV Charging for Fleets

Many leading European businesses and government agencies have already switched their fleets to electric, be it their company cars, last-mile delivery vehicles, pool cars, or work-related light commercial vehicles. The primary reasons why they are making the switch include cost savings, advanced fleet capabilities. In this white paper, we have compiled the most relevant points so you can be fully briefed without having to research further.

This white paper will give your business a competitive edge on fleets. It is particularly relevant for fleet managers, feasibility consultants, car fleet dealers/leasers and charging infrastructure, and service providers who want to add or enhance their fleet offering. It is also beneficial for CEOs and Boards under increasing investor pressure to meet corporate sustainability responsibility (CSR) and environmental (CER) goals.

Your White Paper on EV Charging for Fleets includes:

  • Latest facts and figures on EV Fleets in Europe – a quick summary.
  • What are the current legal requirements in Europe affecting fleets transitioning to EVs?
  • Which businesses have already switched their fleets to electric?
  • What government grants and subsidies are available for corporations making the transition.
  • Fleet Manager challenges when switching to electric from SMEs to large multinationals.
  • Opportunities for EV Fleet Managers from cost savings to enhanced driver experience.
  • The journey to electrifying your fleet: first steps

This white paper is supported by a contribution from Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

White Paper | EV Charging for Fleets

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