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EV Charging White Paper Downloads

Benefit from our years of experience within the realms of EV charging

White Paper EV Charging for Fleets

What businesses need to know when switching to electric fleets: In this white paper, we have compiled the most relevant points so you can be fully briefed without having to research further.

White Paper EV Charging Forecast 2021–2024

A white paper examining the landscape, opportunities, and growth potential in Europe. Easy-to-understand insights on the European EV Charging market in 2021-2024.

White Paper EV Charging in the Oil & Gas Sector

Find out how oil and gas companies can play an active role in shaping the mobility turnaround.

White Paper EV Charging for Retailers

Learn how retailers can enhance the shopping experience and customer loyalty with EV Chargingoffers.

White Paper Charging Infrastructure

All information on the topic of “Operation of a charging infrastructure" summarised in a comprehensible way.

White Paper Calibration Law

Find out everything about the subject of calibration law, the initial situation and what this means for the operators.

White Paper eMobility

All information about electric mobility summarized in a comprehensive white paper.

White Paper eMobility Guidelines for Businesses

This manual discusses step-by-step how to introduce eMobility in your business. Here you will learn how to get started successfully.