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eMobilise your Fleet

Comfortable eFleet charging at the company site and throughout Europe

Company car charging throughout Europe and at company site

Corporate.CHARGING enables your company eCar drivers to recharge quickly and conveniently at the company site and throughout Europe. Access to the charging infrastructure is granted via an app, which can be designed neutrally or in your corporate design. The charging cycles run in the background, meaning that your employees can concentrate on their core competences. The fully automated billing records for all charging cycles are delivered to you by has·to·be once a month. There is no additional administrative burden on you.


Access to Europe-wide network at company rates for all company fleet drivers

Cost centre-based billing of charging cycles of company cars on the road

Plausibility check of charging cycles incurred by your company eCar drivers

Fully automated transfer of charging cycle data records, without constant need for maintenance

Corporate.CHARGING – How it works

Making use of Corporate.CHARGING is simple. Define the appropriate cost centre-based billing model and make the charging infrastructure available to your company eCar drivers at your company site and throughout Europe via an app. The Corporate.CHARGING app allows your employees to track all charging cycles. Your company receives the billing data from has·to·be in digitised form once a month for fully automatic further processing. External charging cycles that did not take place at your company site are billed.

Contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions and make an active contribution to climate targets. Achieve your CO2 targets with our Carbon.COMPENSATON service with an electrified fleet of company cars. We support you in reducing your CO2 emissions and handle the processing of your green electricity certificates.

Charging at your company site

Employees charge the company eCars directly at the company site via an app.
(All charging cycles at the company site are stored but not invoiced.)

Charging in a Europe-wide network

Employees are also afforded the opportunity to charge their company eCars swiftly and conveniently while on the road.

Convenient billing process

has·to·be takes care of billing for you. Once a month, you receive digitised data records pertaining to all charging cycles incurred by company eCars on the road and at your company site.

Your Benefits

Convenient charging of company eCars at company site and throughout Europe

Corporate.CHARGING from has·to·be enables eCar drivers to charge quickly and easiliy on your eFleet via the app at the company site and throughout Europe – a always ready eFleet!

One full-service solution for charging company eCars

Get used to having no worries about anything. Billing and booking is done by has·to·be and we also provide you fully automated data sets of all charging processes done on your eFleet, without ongoing support.

Carbon compensation for your company fleet

Contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions and make an active contribution to climate goals. Electrify your company fleet and position yourself as a sustainable employer. On request, we will take care of processing your green certificates with our Carbon.COMPENSATION service.

Maximum flexibility – monthly cancellation of service possible

You remain flexible at all times – what’s fixed is our consistently strong performance of our Corporate.CHARGING service.

Additional Electromobility services from has·to·be


Provide perfect customer service at your charging stations. Our hotline operates on behalf of your company.


Your charging stations in the best hands: we ensure the optimal operation of your charging infrastructure.


You offer your customers clean electricity and we take care of the processing of CO2 certificates.

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