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EV Charging inspires us!

Since our founding in 2013, we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of eMobility. Our be.ENERGISED software performs virtually all the tasks required to manage charging stations. With this and our comprehensive services for continuous EV Charging operations, we see ourselves as the complete solution provider for any business looking to move into EV Charging – regardless of size.

With a clear view of the bigger picture and a nose for the changes the future may bring, the has·to·be team operates from three locations – Radstadt, Vienna and Munich. As the leading software solution provider in the EV Charging sector, our success to date only spurs us on to pursue even more ambitious goals.

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Good performance based on good customer relationships

We measure the success of our company not only in sales and earnings, but also in the quality of the customer relationships we have developed and expanded.

In the short time of our existence, we have been able to attract numerous well-known companies as customers and implement exciting projects in the field of eMobility – with some examples below. But we are only really successful when, thanks to has·to·be, a significant breakthrough in Electromobility is actually achieved.

We are convinced that it is possible, and we work hard every day to make this a reality.

has·to·be in numbers

3 company locations in
Munich, Vienna and Radstadt (Salzburg)

More than 120 employees in Germany and Austria

Market leader in Switzerland with 80% market share

More than 150,000 managed eMobililty charging cards with be.ENERGISED

International customers in more than 45 countries

More than 6,500 charging operations recorded daily with be.ENERGISED

Access to more than 250,000 roaming charging points in Europe

More than 1,000 customers and projects

More than 40,000 managed charging points with be.ENERGISED

More than 20 certified Hardware Partners

References and Customers

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has·to·be company development


> 40,000 managed charging points
> 250,000 Roaming charging points

More than 15 million charging sessions handled

More than 1,000 customers & projects in 45+ countries


> 100 employees in the company

> 30,000 managed charging points
> 180,000 Roaming charging points
More than 5 million charging sessions handled


> 80 employees in the company

> 19,000 managed charging points

More than 3 million charging sessions handled

More than 500 customers & projects worldwide


> 45 employees in the company

> 12,000 managed charging points
First be.connected – conference
More than 1 million charging sessions handled

Market entry into New Zealand, Latvia


Additional office in Munich

31 employees in the company

7,290 managed charging points

Market entry into Ukraine, Hungary, Australia, France


12 employees in the company

More than 100 customers using be.ENERGISED

2,860 managed charging points

Market entry into Spain, Great Britain, Finland, Italy, Colombia


Additional office in Vienna

5 employees in the company

1,160 managed charging points

Market entry into Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands


Lighthouse project E-Wald in Bavaria with

more than 400 charging stations

410 managed charging points


Office location in Radstadt

Founded by Martin Klässner &

Alexander Kirchgasser